24 January 2010

Too Much Spectator Sport... Not enough Exercise...

Well, spent most of my weekend watching my Fly Guys.. (that's the Philadelphia Flyers - our NHL team here in Philly).. DH and I are season ticket faithfuls.. Going to the game chews into much of the day ..  I have been following this team since the late 1960's.. (I was but a youngin') but I am really hooked on this sport. But then again, most people in Philly are passionate about the sports teams, its just what makes this city fun..
So, I did not find much (if any) exercise into my weekend routine.. 

Ok, I need to cut the crap... I knew I wasn't going to exercise.. I chose not to exercise..

I have got to get serious about this.. For whatever reason, I've got this mental block and resistance  avoidance tactics to getting the exercise done.. I really have NO excuse. I have every contraption that one would need to get in shape (believe me I do).
Ugh.. i feel like I am in a confessional..maybe this post will be therapeutic..
I hate to admit weakness.. But the logical me knows that I need to make it my priority.. it's not an energy level thing.. because I am not lazy,  It's the procrastinating me that allows me to get distracted with other things that I like to do...
I really do admire all of you that have this exercise thing buttoned down and don't give it a second thought.. Anyway, one of this days I will have a breakthrough..
I wonder if there are any rehab programs for anti-exercise.. yeah.. I guess there is.. it's called the gym..

It's still early I think I will get off my butt, and do some stretching and weight ball exercises... ..


  1. Oh Barbara, do I ever know how you feel with the exercise. I am SO not a morning person, but a couple of years ago I decided to get fit and worked out five days a week from 6 am to 7 am. Getting out of bed was HORRIBLE. But it was such a big, huge relief every day to not have that constant "Am I going to do this or not?" chatter in my brain. Oh, and I looked fantastic. That was nice too. ;)

  2. Oh, I'm with you too! They tried to make us go to rehab, we said NO NO NO! lol - Well if you figure out a cure for anti-exercise, please come and drag me with you. I'm over at:

  3. I have an aversion to exercise too!! If my DH Walt didn't make me go walking at night with him, I wouldn't get any exercise! LOL

  4. Hi, Barbara! I went through the exact same thing. It took me a long time to motivate to exercise, but I got there in the end. I just kept trying -- and trying new things -- until something worked for me.

    The thing that got me going was my Boot Camp workout, but I've seen lots of other bandsters get into working out by doing the Couch to 5K program or by taking a fun class like Zumba or spin. You'll get there eventually!

  5. Having the band is one thing - actually doing the exercise? Oh, I so hear you. I cannot for the life of me find a regular routine BUT that said: its summer, and I'm swimming almost every day and SO active now it's not funny. Maybe thats the way to go for you too.. just get out there and move. xx

  6. YOU ARE NOT WEAK!! Don't be so hard on yourself.
    It is really counter-intuitive to exercise, if you think it through. We are built to keep on weight, and if your body is losing weight, the last thing you will physiologically CRAVE is exercise UNLESS you do it regularly.

    So how to get out of this connundrum.
    Take my 5 day walking challenge, Miss B.

    We folks with weight issues often are all or nothing thinkers-- so, you think, if I'm not going to work up a big sweat or go to Pilates or whatever, 'it's not good enough.' Pfft to that.

    Just tell yourself:
    I WILL WALK FOR 20 minutes for 5 days in a row. You DON'T need to walk briskly, that is NOT the point. The point is to build confidence in the CONSISTENCY.
    You're a smart woman, think it over-- this exercise commitment isn't about burning calories, but it IS about building your self-esteem that you CAN exercise every day if you commit to do it.

    Good luck!!

  7. Oh-- one more thing, if you happen to 'accidentally' walk longer or jog alittle on any of those 5 days, terrific.
    But the key is to JUST DO IT!

    Lots of love and luck to you on this... if you choose to follow my advice.

  8. I have been to a few Flyers games in my lifetime - many years ago, before my entire family started playing hockey! We are going to see the Avs this spring - not exactly the same as a game in Philly!

    Exercise - keep trying until you find something you really like. Once you find this thing, it will be much easier. Look at exercise as a break from everything else - your work, housework, family, etc. Then it becomes more of a treat than a chore (eventually anyway).

  9. i am anti-exercise. i don't like it and i don't want to.


  10. I too have almost every type of exercise equipment and have all sorts of plans to get off the couch and just do it (as Gen says in her blog). It will come, just like we know spring will come, and summer again. Good luck!