28 February 2016

Sunday .... Supposed to be my FUNDAY!!

There's is something about Sunday that makes me think it should be MY day

I want to block our the entire day and focus on me me me me!!

Not family dinners or unfinished chores are in my to do list

What I want to do is focus on things that bring me pleasure and solace

When life gets to be just "too much" (you know demands timelines deadlines ugh) I just want to runaway   Problem is I am chicken sh$t and just don't follow through on my personal threat to myself and usually just go to Home Goods and buy a new fruit squeezer or something

Yeah don't ever say I don't live an exciting life   I am NOT afraid to try out a better squeezer

So I am now at my decision point of the day
Here are my current activities I am planning:

1.  Just stay in bed and watch some crap shows (not fishing or home improvements ). Marie Os,one is hawking her body gym which I have already purchased and placed in a very prominent t spot in my bedroom. I can see it every morning and am proud to own it. I just need to use it
2. Get showered and determine to go on the treadmill and try to knock out a hard mile (hey no judgement!! I just had my hip replaced 3 weeks ago)
3. Drink.  Come on I am talking about fine collectible red wines - don't judge at least I am telling you my sophisticated booze choice
4. Self spa. I have every freaking facial cream and wrinkle cream out there I should use that crap
5. Put on expired self tanner and see how orange I can make my legs look
6. When no choices seem viable go back to the first item on my list

Have a good Sunday.  Make it your day!!

Be well



  1. I hope your Sunday was luxurious and lovely...

  2. I love Sundays. I do usually do laundry in the mornings, but I also have a lot of "me" time during the day. Hope it was a good one!

  3. I am finding myself really stressed out at home lately. I feel like there is always something to clean or wash or clean...and I have been trying to realize that for the most part, I put that stress on myself and that I should just relax. Like...if the floor doesn't get swept today...what's the worst that could happen. But then I think...well, if you don't do it today, you will have to do it tomorrow, and then I end up doing it anyways! Argh. I have problems.

  4. So, I am curious.. did you check out the new weight watchers? I am trying to follow it but I think the points are even lower and harder now.

  5. Welcome Back! I missed you! I wish you a speedy recovery my friend.