13 October 2016

Blog therapy

Hey Friends

It's October
and I am finding that I need a little blog therapy
It's been a while I know
But there's just something about that "reach out and touch me" blog therapy that I love and miss

So a lot has been going on
I am anticipating grandbaby number 5 early next year

Oh yeah   I am the coolest gmom on this earth!!

I have been rockin and rollin it with my job
Lots of travel

And yes I still have my band
I so want to get the sleeve but my doc Says the band is in perfect position
So no mercy

I am still on my ww program counting points
And I still and dreaming about that size 10 slinky dress that's been hanging in my closet

The seasons are changing and ramping up for another milestone birthday early next year (read that dreading that new age)

I had a very sad loss in August with the passing of my mom. My faithful cheerleader in my life
It's hard to describe these kind of losses

I realize that is what happens I just wish they were not so close

Anyway.  I am here.  Hanging out and hoping you are all doing well