20 April 2010

Getting Comfortable in my Skin...

Hmm.. where do I start...

BOOBs are growing leaps and bounds..
Cindylew I hope you can come along!!

So on the home front.. and the reason for my post.. I want to share my ego trip with you..

Today I look fantastic.. I mean really good.. I have a new black skirt on and a really nice snake skin print blouse with a v neck line edged in a soft ruffle.. Alright I think I look 45 or something.

Unfortunately.. I don't think the rest of the world will appreciate my great outfit today, because I spend the entire freakin day on teleconferences tied to my office chair with three pee breaks a day (eh.. but the pay is good so I am not going to complain).

The scale was down 0.2 lbs. (that is insane that I noticed a .2 lb loss.. who measures their weight loss in tenth of a pound)??? I DO!!!! I am closing in on 40 lbs... yipeeee

So with all of my good feelings aside, I have a little secret (well not so secret now that you are reading this) I have a trip planned tomorrow afternoon with the PS to get some fill work done. I have found with my WL that the area under my eye has also lost some of its plumpness.. so bring out that syringe baby and plump me up.. I will post pics later this week so you can critique the work..

On the food front, I do need to get a better handle on getting protein in... I always bring my lunch to work (conscientious of the protein g's needed) but yesterday I had absolutely no interest in food.. I ate one laughing cow lite cheese piece and three cups of tea (because my office is like a meat locker).. and I brought the rest of my lunch home.. I thought great, now I have to force myself to eat... So change of plan for today.. I had one of those EDGE protein drinks (17 g of protein) on the way into work.. I am firm believer you need morning protein, or else your body starts to look around inside and figure out where it can draw the protein from (and I do not want to lose muscle LBS just FAT)..

Gotta go.. my turn on this T-call..


  1. You work that snake skin girlfriend!!! Remember 45 is the new 20 - LOL! I bet you look fantastic. I am glad you are felling great today. We are both closing in on Onederland & 40 pounds - WOO- HOO! Feels just awesome doesn't it :)

  2. Congrats on feeling AND looking good!

  3. Oooooh, can you post a photo of your hot outfit? Have fun at the PS, always good to keep the maintenance going, right? I'll be making my way sooner rather than later to one myself.

  4. I'm definitely going to need some work done after my plump face gets skinny. Will be interested in hearing more about PS. I'm not afraid of needles, but having them stuck in my face freaks me out a little. Ouchie!