12 April 2010

Monday with the Boyz - Living in the Moment

Well I am going to just lay it right out there.. it was a bad food day...

Here are some clues where I was having my bad food day;
Get your... hot dogs, beer here, crackerjacks, peanuts.. NO NOT THE CIRCUS..
I was at the Phils game .. with my DH and DAD.. and I have to say.. I had a great time.

Yeah I ate all that crap but not the whole thing, a few spoonfuls, a bite or two.. well I did have two beers (my downfall) but it did go with the whole atmosphere.

And the Phils did win and kick the Nationals ass in.. so.. at the end of the day, I got out of the house, got some sun, went to the game with my two favorite guyz and had some good junk food. Here is a great shot with my dad just before the game started.. my DH was the photog..
I just love this picture!~

As I mentioned in my vlog (and thank you for your comments), my next fill is 16 April.. The doc really wanted me to lose 5 pounds this month.. I can't tell if I did or didn't lose 5 lbs or 8 lbs or 10 lbs. The damn scale has flucuated that much in the last week. And all of those lovely pain meds have me backed up to Wisconsin. I have been sucking down Metamucil like milkshakes and I even tried some back door coaxing.. but no can poo... So until that happens I really don't know what the true weight loss will be.. eh.. whatever.. I am enjoying life!!!


  1. Glad you had a good time, that pic is awesome!! Good luck with the movement issue...strong coffee and lots of water.

  2. That is an amazing photo. I hope you print it and frame one for both you and your dad to display. A nice red frame would be fab.

    I also want to thankyou for all the kind comments you've been making on my blog. Onward we go!

  3. That's a GREAT picture!!! Go Phils!

  4. Great picture! Have to ask, but not sure if I want an answer... what is back door coaxing?! :)