21 April 2010

ZAPPOS... Simply the BEST!!

Ok... how many of you have shopped with Zappos.

I mean I absolutely LOVE shopping on their website.. it is totally addicting.

I bought two pairs of shoes this week... the best part is that I can browse in the evening, order something by 8 pm, and the SHOES are on my doorstep the next day by 10AM.. How the hell do they do that.. (well I know they use next day air service) but I figure they must be because they are based on the west coast and can rocket ship those babies to my front door step..

So here are the shoes I got.. they are so comfortable.. I ordered them online on Monday and I got them yesterday and am wearing them TODAY!!...
yeah I know they are not spikey stilletto shoes, but I gotta haul my butt up and down steps so I needed a heel with some stability and these fit like I dream.


  1. Very cute!
    I live in Vancouver but have a friend that lives across the border and I just ordered from Zappos! They did arrive within 2 days - AMAZING! Love my clothes!

  2. I love those shoes. I've never been able to wear spiky heels so these are right up my alley.

  3. Zappos is where I got my shoes that i vlogged about a couple of weeks ago! Not such great service to Canada, but still pretty quick!

  4. I order from them all the time (about to order some more), and even in the Midwest, I can order at 6 pm and have them the next morning. I think they are lurking in my bushes, ready to plop my order on my front step!

  5. ADORABLE! Can I ask how much?

  6. Nice shoes...as for me, I'm into anything lower to the ground.
    And yes I know...these aren't Carrie Bradshaw high...but they are Cindy high.

  7. I wore these all day today and I gotta say they have memory foam in the footpad so it was like walking on a cloud.
    Amanda the shoes were $123, they were from Jambu and the style was called sonya.

  8. I love Zappos-- they are awesome!!
    Thanks for the continued support on my blog- you are a true friend and I LOVE you for it.
    I am following your excellent advice. I hope one day we can get together... hugs.