09 July 2010

Draz's BYOC and TGIF.. really.. I mean it ............. T G I F!!!!

First, thank you to everyone who helped me during my therapy post yesterday.. I did much better this morning and had an EAS protein drink..  I can not eat solids in the AM.. I know this, and why I even think I can challenge a tight band beats me...

Here we go!  It's Friday.. So that must mean BYOC (Bring on Your Own Craziness!!)
1. Love or money? High salary or job satisfaction?
I already have love, so i will pick MONEY.. I want to freakin retire some day.. so give me that high powered, big check that will satisfy me just fine.. thank you..
2. What is your favorite time of day?
The morning hands down.. my DH makes me coffe every morning and we either sit on the deck, in the family room, or in our cozy little sitting area in our bedroom and just chat.  It really is that one time of the day that we have that is not disrupted by phone calls, work, or anything that is pressing for the day.. I love this time.

3. My in-laws just had their wills done so it made me wonder this. Do you have a will? Did you tell anyone your wish to be kept alive or not?
We have an outdated will.. that has been on the "need to update the will list" for a while. I have told the DH to not keep me alive if the odds are not in my favor..  I am all about quality of life over quantity.

4. Repeat question. Pick one thing for one day you'll do next week that aids in your physical or mental health.
I am going to invest in my physical fitness, try Zumba again, get a few days on the treadmill, no great things, but if I can fulfill this committement to my self, then I will be  a happy camper.

5. Repeat questions. Make someone a superstar for a moment...whose comment or blog stuck with you this week and why.
Hands down, without a doubt, it was Draz's post yesterday on "Come Run with Me"..  the mantra of "but it doesn't really matter" stuck with me through out the day.  And I have now decided that this will be permanently submitted to my archive of thought processes.. When I think about all of the hours I have worried about crap that just didn't matter, I know I will want those hours back on my death bed!.. so the next time you fret or get some negative vibes hounding your butt.. think of Draz's advice and let it roll off of you.. because "it really doesn't matter!"

Be well.. All


  1. Awesome week's goal-- I relate and I have a similar goal...

  2. Awww - glad you liked my post. It's the weirdest thing that a few words make such a big difference...but they do. I hope they help you as much as they've helped me. Loves you!

  3. I am always amazed when someone tells me their hubby brings them coffee or tea in the morning. I usually have to pee and then put in the contacts and then brush my teeth and then get dressed. Oy! But I do think it is the cutest thing ever to have someone think about you and spend those few precious moments. Because It really doesn't matter... (I was moved by that same post).

  4. Hey Barbara - on painting the cabinets? It was hard to DECIDE to do it but it is the 2nd time we've painted and both times it makes a world of difference... in terms of actual difficulty, we had someone do it for us, but if you have patience it isn't hard. A light sanding, coat of primer and then using oil based paint (which is stinky) for two coats should do the trick!!!