23 July 2010

Well helloooooo Phil (fill) and CindyLew!!

Yep today was PHIL (fill) day.
So start with the good news.
I weighed in fully clothed at the doctor's office this morning at  200.1
 (y'all know what that means, my home scale is possessed and controlled by SATAN and does not want to show me onederland).
But I will wait till it does display that number before screaming from the mountain tops.

I also got .25cc fill, bringing me to 8.75cc total.

I had a protein drink when I got home, no problems there.. so

I do not go back until Oct. 1.. I think this fill should hold me over until then.

We discussed a number of issues during my visit today that I would like to share.

First I told the doc about BOOBs..and our meeting in Chicago in September and he thought that was just fantastic.

Then I went on about some questions that have been bouncing around in my head.

But before the questions flowed, I told him I have been noticing the hard area on the right side of my body (btw, my port is on my right side).  He took a look and felt it and told me what it was... are you ready for this.. it was my abdominal muscle... yes that's right my stomach muscle.. who knew that under the layers of all that fat, that there were muscles that are starting to pop out!

First question I asked him about realistic BMI for someone who comes through this journey.

First he said try not to focus so much on the numbers.  BMI's can be misleading and ask yourself the following questions:
How do you feel at your goal weight ?
Have you incorporated routine exercise into your lifestyle (muscle weighs more than fat theory)?
A BMI around 25 (which is on the cusp between normal and overweight) is perfectly a good target.
A goal weight for my height and age of 150 is a good target.

Then I asked about the TT and Boob job and when is a good time and what about doing both together.
First he said that doing both procedures together is a bit of trauma to the system.  Since they tend to do these ops as outpatients, you really need to have some one at home that can help you during your recovery phase.
I asked if you were to do them as separate procedures is there an order, and he didn't think that would be an issue.
I asked if when I get to 170 or so, would that be too early to start the process?  He said the surgeon would make that call, but you really want to be as close to your goal as possible.

And I too want to proclaim my most exciting news is that I get to meet Cindylew (and her DH) in just 2 days!!!  so excited.. we are going to have lots of pics of us.. they may need to kick us out of the ball park!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. You sound much more relaxed and relieved since talking to your doc! Good for you! I bet you'll see a nice change in the scale reward department with this fill.

    Have a wonderful time with Cindylew and her hubs. My hubs and I will be having dinner with Stephanie (dreams of skinny high heels) tomorrow night. I cannot wait for that either!

  2. I want to meet Cindylew! No fair!

    Go home tonight and perform an exorcism on the scale. Light some incense. Chant. Maybe threaten to drip some hot wax into the works if it doesn't cooperate. I predict you'll see Onderland very soon!

    That stomach muscle story is great! How funny that we wouldn't even consider that it could be muscle!

  3. have a great get together and as Jacquie said, me and her are getting together tomorrow. What a fun time we will all have!

    You asked some great questions and thanks for posting them. As far as i am concerned, you are in ONDERLAND. Shout from the rooftops, sister!!!

  4. First of all, funniest thing ever about the crazy hard thing on your side being an abdominal muscle. You're getting so buff, Barbara!

    Also, I know someone who just had some cosmetic surgery (my mother - shhh!) and the surgeon gave her a list of home-care nurses. She ended up hiring one for the first 24-48 hours after her surgery, and I think she really found that helpful. I think that's not unusual, a lot of surgeons recommend it, so you can ask about that. I don't remember exactly how much it cost but it didn't seem exorbitant.

  5. Great NSV - abdominal muscle :) Go Phils!!!

  6. FAB FAB FABULOUS! Its so great to have a comfortable relationship with your doctor/surgeon!

    Have an amzing weekend! Here's to ONEDERLAND!

  7. Your Dr sounds awesome!!! My mom was banded 3 years ago and had a TT and a BR at the same time a year ago in April. She is so glad she did not break them down into two separate surgeries.

    My sister and I helped her out for the first 3 or 4 days and she was on her own after that. The biggest problem she had was managing her drains, and I think that was more because they grossed her out than anything else. :)

    She'll probably be at the BOOBS dinner on Saturday night so you can ask her all about it!

  8. Love the muscle story. I did tons of research about the TT and boobs and TONS of women do them at the same time...the less times under general anes and the less time off work for TWO surgeries the better you know? And for most - then you don't have to pay two anes charges, two separate surgeon costs, two surg suite costs, etc. If you do them the same day- many give a discount. The boob one is not nearly as painful as the tummy one so really that recovery you float through since your stomach is the one hurting! You go girl!

  9. I would have stripped naked and then got back on the scales. Just to see that 1 in front. Oh girl, you are so going to get there. And I am jealous that you get to see Cindylew-I reserve the nickname tootsie roll so tell her that. It's my fav candy.

    Hope you don't ignore me in Chicago now. OK, I know you won't. It will be so cool to actually talk to everyone. We can all show off our bulging muscles.

    I don't like the BMI. First off they apply to both men and women. Come on, that makes most men overweight or obese. I set my goal at 155 (5'6") because I know that is where I will feel good. If I don't get there, I still know I will feel good. It is all a personal decision and you will know when you reach the weight you are comfie with.

    As for the TT. I told my DH that he would just have to put up with the pita pouch. After seeing Band-Babe I might reconsider but will wait and see. I had a breast reduction 10 years ago and so far the boobs are holding up so I can't weigh in on the pros and cons of doing both together. I do know I was back at school just days after the Breast Reduction. No worse than the getting the band. We'll talk.

  10. Dude...how much you wanna bet we both wake up Sunday AM and weigh in at 199.9???? I think it was meant to be.
    Don't forget cupcake...I had TT and Boobs done at the same time in 1994 so I too am a good source of info.
    See ya Sunday.

  11. You're doing fantastically, I want to be just like you!