13 August 2010


Do you need to hear compliments to validate your WL journey?

And if so, how do you react to compliments?
I used to dissect compliments.

When someone would say, "you look good", I would immediate think .. do I usually NOT look good?

If the compliment is a statement about losing weight, I would immediately do a quick calculation on how much weight loss it took for someone to notice.

But something is different this time.. I am about 50 lbs down now (need to update the ticker) and I am not really getting those flurry of compliments, and I am kind of OK with that.
In some way (deep down inside), I don't want people to notice it.  I think part of this is because I don't want anyone to ask me how I am doing it.  I am not a good liar.   You can always tell if I am lying because I tend to stutter.  It is a dead give away.
In the past, I would proclaim, I am on WW, or working with a trainer, or what ever flavor of weight loss I was trying that time.

I think the slow boat of compliments is because I am losing slower, and it is more of a transformation than a jolt in appearance.. I definitely do not have a gaunt look, my skin is keeping up with the WL.  I am pretty happy about that.  I do moisturize every day.
I have a very regimented skin care program, I hope my success is credited to my persistence, but who knows, it could be good genes too!.

My NSV today happened at the hair salon.  As I was "processing" what a word for hair color.. I glanced at the full length mirror they have you sit in front of as you process.  My eyes caught a glance of a set of legs and I did a double take.. who owned those legs, and then I realized they were MINE!!.
My legs looked normal, not like two logs connected to my thighs.. I found myself glancing at them as I paged through my magazine.   I came to the conclusion today, I am happy with my legs from the knees down.
How's that for body image acceptance!


  1. Do I need compliments? YES
    Could you promptly lay them on me by the boatload? Thank you in advance.

    Love the NSV and love you babycakes! Great post.

  2. Love the legs, babe! Compliments are always nice. I used to be ungracious in the extreme whenever I got one - deflecting, telling the person why they were wrong, etc. Now I smile and say thank you and take it as a nice little boost.

    Guess what, Barb? I'm in PA today! My sister and I are tentatively planning to take the baby to KoP tomorrow. No idea whether the baby will last long, she's not a rockstar shopper, at least not yet. But if you're heading to Mecc-, I mean King of Prussia, let me know!

  3. I need compliments but I do have a hard time believing that what they are saying is heartfelt and true. Another one of my stupid hang-ups!

  4. I love compliments.... Gimmee, Gimmee, Gimmee! Anyway, I hope to someday see my legs and say... whose sexy legs are they? Nice NSV, Barbie! *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..."

  5. I love getting compliments, but they have been V-E-R-Y slow in coming so far. Lots of people have said 'Ooo, you're looking very healthy' or 'You look good, have you been on holiday?'. Only three people who don't know about the band have commented on my weightloss. I was discussing this with a friend and she thinks it might be because lots of people think it's my post-baby weight that I've been shedding, so they see it as a natural thing and not necessarily something they should comment on. What they all don't remember, clearly, is that I was fat before I even got pregnant!

    Nice NSV, by the way!

  6. I love compliments, after the initial 15 kilos, they have been fewer. now it is more, 'You are looking good' and less 'You look like you have lost a lot a weight' but I think the comments I get now are better for me, because it is just a little here and there to keep me motivated, without everyone making a big thing of it.

    Also love your NSV - knees down check, now you just need to work on the rest of you:)

  7. Nice. We will compare legs in Chicago. I get very few compliments, although my DH has said a few. Since I started a new job with new people, they never knew me with 35 pounds more. But I feel a confidence I didn't have before. So now we know when you start stuttering in your post, you are really lying. Funny.

    And update that ticker!! 50 pounds is a milestone. The plateau is over. Yah!

  8. Great post...and great gams!!!

  9. Awesome post!!

    I'm like you, I kind of have mixed feelings about compliments. I'm ok saying "Thank you" and going on about my business. I do NOT want to be asked how I'm doing it, especially as I did do most of it so far pre-surgery. There is such an assumption about surgery that if you had it, you aren't doing any work yourself on your weight loss. And that is just patently not true with the band.

    I too am totally OK with not getting compliments on my weight loss. I just kind of want to truck along with it and feel good about it myself, but not really have it noticed or be a big deal to anyone else. LOL!

    Maybe I'll feel differently about it in another 20-30 pounds, but not yet!

  10. Great post! Love that you were checking out your own legs! ow ow!

  11. Nice legs Barb and hair! My hubs compliments me every single day and it just gives me a lift like noting else! Others in my everyday life, not so much. Oh, occaisionally, someone at work will say, "you look good" or have you lost weight? My family all went crazy seeing me on this last trip to NY and that was very nice!

  12. I'll be dishing out the compliments to you in Chicago, so get ready for them. 50 lbs is great and yes, it's hard to hear them sometimes, because you can't help but wonder what propmpted them, but know that you DO deserve each and every one of them, cutie! :)