13 October 2010

The Witch is on Her Broom...

Ok.. that is my position in life today

I have been on a witch bitch rant today... not once, but twice!

Nothing irritates me more than when I pay for something, and people feel that aah.. whatever we slap together will be good enough.
Well.. not this customer.
I am not going to go into detail about which store or service, but let me tell you I got on my broom and rode right up their ass today.

Why is it that I am expected to always provide the highest quality of service, information, whatever to my internal and external customers in my industry, and that other industries can just deliver crap.
Whatever happened to standards, and quality and ethics. 
Where are those values in the workplace today???

I became so angry...
I ate my entire bag of red peppers..
there.. take that!!

PS.. I am still using food to qwell anger.. I am back to square one.


  1. My kids will say to me: "so, is your broom in the shop today mom?"

    I so hear you about the service standards!

  2. I am notorious for leaving stores & restaurants where I get crap service because it drives me crazy. I've worked in customer service in one form or another for too long to let it slide. I refuse to give my money to these places.
    I'm glad you got on your broom.

  3. You rock on with your bitchy self, Barbara. I just had some bad service too, and I'm beyond irritated about it. The DirecTV guy came, installed some new stuff, couldn't get the sound to work, shrugged, told me he couldn't call anyone for guidance and left. Super.

  4. Ugh!

    My mom used to always say "Business must be good". Otherwise they'd be doing what it took to keep you. Many times she'd comment that under her breath to me and my dad or step-dad. But sometimes it was bad enough she'd say that exact same thing to "them". And they'd look at her like, what the h are you talking about? They NEVER got it!

  5. Barb... We all have those days when we are pushed to our limits. I had one today as well. It is hard for us Philly girls to play nice for too long. What ever happened to respect and thoughtfulness? Anyway, perhaps tomorrow will be a better day for us both... BTW, My George has grown a "playoffs" mustache and I hate facial hair... So, every time I kiss the Brillo pad that is my husband's lips, I pray that the Phillies go all the way so it will be worth it! *M*