20 November 2010

Oh Oprah...

I can't remember exactly when I first saw Oprah on TV, it has to be several decades ago.
I have always admired her from afar.. after all she started as a journalist, and in my very early years, I too had aspirations of being a journalist.  She was always a little "chunky" and I of course was a bit chunky (cough, cough).  She always was chasing the elusive magic fix for being thin.. well who the hell in this band blog land has been there!!.  She went on the liquid diet, I went on the liquid diet... she hired a personal trainer, I hired a personal trainer..  she made millions.. well that's where the similarities came to a dead halt!!  She does tend to do a bit of "male bashing" that is where the other gender doesn't get her.. but  she does have an incredibly amazing run at doing her show.. she is a brand, she is an icon, she is Oprah!!

I will never forget the year that my family was vacationing in Florida (Disney World) we were at the Hilton and Oprah's entire audience walked into the hotel lobby.. she packed up the audience and brought them to Florida.. it was something to see.. Of course Oprah did not stay there, they put her up at the Grand Floridian ..

So, enough reflection.. the point of this post is to talk about that amazing "Favorite Things" List.. I have to say I am completely absorbed in that show!! and the things she selects... and the absolutely Giving part.

An interesting item making her list this year is a book on, of all things, Weight Loss.  I have read some of Marianne Williamson's other spiritual books, but have not read this one yet.. here is a synopsis... Let me know if you have heard of it....

A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson

What's the connection between weight loss and spirituality? New York Times best-selling author Marianne Williamson answers that question in A Course in Weight Loss, featuring 21 spiritual lessons for surrendering your weight forever. The lessons in this book will help you shift your relationship with your body and focus not on how quickly you lose weight but on how holistically you lose weight. "We all know that it's a spiritual issue to help you get your mind, body and spirit aligned," Oprah says. Get ready to begin a new relationship with food...and with yourself.
•Approximate value: $24.95

So, lets face it, she has given away so many fascinating things like vacations, and cars, and sub zero refrigerators... of course this year's biggie was the cruise.. anyway..

It made me think about what I would put on my own personal "Favorite Things" list 2010"... it would be a far cry from what I would have included 20 years ago.. ah! what aging a bit will do for you..

So here it is.. and I am just as curious to know what you would include on your favorite things for 2010..

1. A good retinol base skin cream - sounds vain, but I love the Neutrogena Dermalogics Retinol  Nx - sells for about $60 but I swear by it.. it keeps lines and wrinkles in check.

2. a great pair of socks.. I mean wearing and lounging kind.. I am not going to get hung up on labels, because I have found them at Polo and Target.. just good comfortable quality socks. $15

3. A nice bottle of wine.. my family will know I am attached to the Jordan Cab.. I am not a wine snob. but I really love to open a bottle of this stuff  $50 for 2005, older years a bit higher

4. A nice sun kissed tan.. care of mother nature free, sugar scrub and spray tan ($70).

5. Crisp bed linens.. I love nothing more than to crawl into a freshly made bed, made up with Egyptian 300 thread count cotton sheets.. it just sumptuous..

6. A good belly laugh.. really.. I watched "couples retreat" and the yoga scenes just crack me up! Free.

7.  A brisk afternoon walk, crunching on leaves ... just soaking it all up.

8.   A food pantry that is well organized.. I am weird I know.. but I like structure and order.. and I love to walk into my pantry and see things organized..

9.  A soothing candle that fills the house with the softest of fragrances.. be it clean cotton, a soft musk, or now burning.. a pumpkin pie fragrance.

10.  Last but not least, the sound that will be filled in our home next Thursday.. of chatter, and stories and belly laughs galore.. as we all gather.. to give thanks and exchange hugs..

So that's it.. my Favorite Things list.. how about you??

Be well


  1. I love this idea! I will be thinking this over today and will try to do this tonight!

  2. Cutest post ever....I shall think of mine...

  3. hmmm...great post Barb! I will be thinking about my list!

  4. Great post! I think I'll put a list of my favorite things on my blog. Stay tuned