06 November 2010

Roller Coaster Week Wrap UP ..

UUUGHGGGHHHH!  sorry. I am working on a new blog and screwed up permissions on all of them..
nothing exciting but me not knowing what I am doing.. I need a 10 yrd old to help me!!

Geez.. can't a girl just have a normal, dull week!!

Work has been freaking crazy.. and it is not going to slow down..
I GOT A PROMO!!!!! with worldwide responsibilities.. and if Thursday and Friday are any indication of the pace.. I AM GOING TO GO NUTS!!!

Those 2 lbs that crept up on me have left, outta here,  departed!!!
The drop could have been just the pace of the last few days, but I really focused on reading labels and tracking fat grams and sodium.
I know we have all looked at labels (usually cals and fat), but boy when you start to look at sodium, it is simply amazing how much salt is in processed food and just turned me off.
Still doing crappy with getting consistent exercise in..

And lastly,  the roller coaster week ended with DH getting his numbers for this cycle (sigh).. wtf, why can't they figure this out. I don't want to dwell on this.. but damn I would trade everything good in my life just to figure this out.

So, moving on...
I had a good chuckle with Joey's last vlog.. I can totally relate to that slimming while driving thing... there is NO worse feeling.. cause ya just cant yack out the window at 60 MPH..

My latest thing with the band is something I call BAND MANAGEMENT.
I have reverted to something Sandy wrote about on her blog, the "band priming"..I only really do this when I go out to eat, otherwise.. forget it.. I am running to the bathroom every 5 minutes. It's annoying and I am sure that I annoy those that  are with me. (I am getting better at this though).

I have found if I have some hot liquid (soup. tea or coffee) before I eat anything solid it is enough to relax the stoma so that I can eat menu food  (not great volumes) without worry with being stuck.. now I do have to chew the hell out of it.. but it will settle nicely in my pouch.. I would say if I pace myself (over 30 minutes) I can probably eat a little over a cup.. but I still need to pace this.

It is amazing how you learn these things over time.. I am sure everyone is different..

So.. for those in North America.. enjoy that extra hour we are all going to gain tonight.. Be well.


  1. I can still see you and your blog. Hope others can because a few have posted earlier that they couldn't see you anymore!

    But I have your e-mail so you can never leave girlfriend :-)

    Worldwide. Maybe that means you have to come to Canada? We're foreign. Good vibes going out to you and your DH.

  2. Hi Barbara, glad you're back. Was worried when I couldn't "see" you! Congratulations on the promotion, sounds like it will keep you plenty busy.

    Sorry to hear DH's numbers aren't where you want them to be. I'm keeping both of you in my prayers. xoxo

  3. Congratulations on the promotion!

    I hope everything gets figured out for your husband. You two are amazing. You seem to take it in stride, but I know it must be the challenge of your lives. I can't even imagine.

    Glad you lost those two pounds... buh-BYE!!!

  4. Congrats on the PROMO!! Thanks for sharing about band priming-- I find that drinking wine usually helps too...

  5. Congrats on the promotion!!! I need to try the hot liquid too - that's a great tip, Thanks!

  6. Yay - I can see you again! Congrats on the promo.
    I hope they figure things out with his levels.
    Let me know if I can help you out with something on the new blog.