14 December 2010

If You Could Turn Back the Clock....

I am really feeling my age this week.
No longer a party animal (can't stay up late)
No more break dancing (do they even do that anymore)
Limited alcohol consumption (I think cough syrup hits my quota now)
Legs still look sexy (as long as they are stuffed in my orthopedic hose)

So I started to ponder.. when did all of this change happen AND
If I could turn back the clock.. what age would I like to be again??

Yes, I have allot of quiet evening time (hospital jaunts give you that).
And I start to reflect on days when I really could do it all, and WAS that super woman.
You know, bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan....all that crap.
But somewhere along the way, the superwoman symbol started to peel off my chest.
And now the things that thrill me are getting an extra week out of my hair color touch up.
Getting out of bed and having only one knee squeak.
A good BM.
Actually remembering where I put my keys..

Sad.. I know.. but this is what time, age and just getting friggin older does to you..
BUT... I have to say weight loss does pull back some of those years off of the table.
Like I said.. some days only one knee squeaks AND
It is so much easier to squeeze into something and not dread if putting on a winter coat on top of a sweater is going to make me look like the Michelin Tire Man..
So I will take all the youth that Weight Loss wants to toss my way..

You know what Maybe I do feel a few years younger after all!

Be well


  1. That was so cute. Me too. And thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog. I too cherish your comments.

    Funny, but the other day I was expecting company when I realized I only had a few minutes to dress. I ran up to my closet and just grabbed something to wear. Could never do that a year ago. A year ago and all the extra pounds meant trying on many many outfits til I found one that was comfy. I wear frilly things now and yes I do feel younger.

    But getting older just means we have more knowledge to pass on. Except, I sometimes have to defrag to free up some memory which wipes out some of the things I should remember-like where my keys are and finding my grocery list. It's funny how reflective we get too. But then we have to have something to blog about. Be well. Thinking of you and Mark everyday.

  2. Like you, I embrace age. The hot flashes have been very handy during this Antartica type winter!

    I look forward to your blog posts and your comments on my blog. Good night sweet Barbara.

  3. What a great post, Barbara. I'm grateful that losing weight is allowing me to move more youthfully, even though the years are making their mark on my face and hair and ...

  4. My mom stopped aging at 23...so I had to stop at 22. So what's this age stuff you are speaking of?


    Love the post!

  5. I'm so happy about the prospect of actually getting older and thinner at the same time that I don't even care about getting older. I saw pics from my 40th birthday and I know that I will look and feel much better on my 50th than I did at 40, so bring it on! And I have it on good authority that you look amazing and you can walk in high heels!!!