10 February 2011

What are they are NOW doing to their BUTTS!!!!

I don't get it.
Big news in Philly is that some chica's from England came to get butt injections (of silicone) to give them a more rounded bottom. The unfortunate part is that one of them died (as they had this done in a hotel room).

Here is the   Back Story on Butt Implants

So NOW "Junk in the Trunk" is IN..
After I go through extensive efforts to lose my ass everyone now wants to have their ass look like something I have been struggling to dump!!

So after reading all of this .. I NOW find out that I was already born gifted..
So I now come to realize that  the set of cheeks that my husband used to chase me around the couch to grab is now IN.

He must have been a Renaissance man!!!

And sorry  Kim K and JLO looks like my Mark has been the one to start the trend of knowing that a big butt is the THING for women to have..

 I am just tickled to death that I now have that "BOOTYLICIOUS" look without the surgical cost.



  1. Too funny, Barbara! :) Your post made me smile. Hope you are doing OK. xoxo

  2. Oh Lord... I guess we were ahead of our time!

  3. LOL! On my recent trip to LI, my daughter informed me that I had a nice Butt! Who knew?

    I am glad you were able to smile today.

  4. My husband loves my booty and the one thing that he insists that I DO NOT loose...me on the other hand, it can go...or at least some of it :)
    I would happily donate some of mine to one of these poor unfortunate girls :)

  5. This is great! Now I won't have to smack my sons upside the head when they say, "You gotta lotta junk in your trunk, mom."

  6. A rounded butt means more comfort on long flights or road trips and I'm all about that!!

  7. HAHA! While I wouldn't ever complain to have a JLO looking rear - I certainly wouldn't do something so insane ;)

  8. My husband always says, "you can do sit ups or side bends, but please don't lose that butt!" Well, it's Sir Mix-alot, but he quotes it regualarly! We're trend setters!

  9. Very funny! It's a damn good thing it's all the rage now, because the booty that follows me around isn't going anywhere no matter how much weight I lose!

    I'm so glad to be in your good company on this!!

  10. hahahahaha!! Too funny!! I guess I'm IN now!! Woot Woot for ME!

  11. You are LUCKY! I used to have a butt, but now due to WL it looks like someone hit it with a 2X4.

  12. Hello from Mexico. I typed this wonderfully long comment for a previous post and poof it disappeared. Since I was a bit inebriated at the time and the battery was low on the laptop, I didn't get around to retyping it. I think it had to do with you wondering about an unfill. I've had two and am still alive so if it still bothers you, go for it.

    Anyway, in a bit of an inebriated state (again) am sending you some warm thoughts from here in Mexicao. It's in the 80's. Lying around reading and sipping the good stuff. Just did my survey for you know what and have to now rearrange my life to make it so for the end of Sept. Will visit PA before that. Really. We'll have a mini-boob time.

    BTW, my butt is more like a droopy Elephant skin right now. I may need some injections. And DH actually agreed it looked like elephant skin. Gotta love em not matter what.

    Did I mention it was in the 80's today. And sunny. And I'm wearing a bathing suit which doesn't make me look like a whale? Gotta go. Need another drink.

  13. We're awesome! Ahead of the times indeed. :)