05 April 2011

The Pantie Drawer

It's been a while since I have gone through my knicker drawer..
So this morning I decided to venture a look in there,
 as I can barely get the drawer closed.

I mean I must have at least 50 pair of panties.
Now for some reason, I get attached to them.
And for some reason I have separation anxiety to let them go.

some of them must...

As I navigated past the granny pantie category, I started to sort them by color
and thought no, this is not efficient, I need to sort by size.

Well, who would have thunk that a vassarette size 7 was equivalent to a Bali size 8.
It started to make me crazy.

I know manufacturers play this game with garments,
with Panties TOO.

I mean pulling on a size 8 pantie and finding it to be too tight,
 just when you think you had a good weight loss week
is truly enough to make you pee in your pants just so you can
put on a  roomy size 7 for vanity's sake.

Ah.. and then there where the Fruit of the Loom panties
or should I say the white thing with three openings.
OK, I think they were 10's
Holy macaroni!
What was I thinking and when did I buy them!!
They looked like a jig sail.

So  I really didn't know what size underwear I was.
Hmm.. they must go by some standardized hip measurement,
but from my little test this morning that doesn't appear to be so.

That or the damn things shrunk in the wash!

Could it be that I really am a size 8 pantie and not a size 7.

Well, I was determined to get an official read on this issue.

My first resource stop was none other than Frederick's of Hollywood, but that didn't help their sizes where based on XS, S, M, L and XL

So I seemed to find something a bit more official..
And decided to take out the tape measure and measure just like in the photo, never really sure where my official hip location is..
According to:
My Camila pantie size chart

I should indeed be a Size 7 (at least on their scale).

Now I need to go through that drawer again!!!


  1. Good luck with the sorting.........I wear many pantie sizes depending on the day, mood, and clothes I'm wearing.


  2. Very educational Barbara!!! LOL

    I'm just thankful that my granny panties are not skin tight...that was one of my tipping points that led me to surgery...You know if your granny panties are tight you are in trouble.

  3. I can't handle panties with actual sizes. Too confusing and one more size to worry about! I only buy VS and Hanky Panky and other brands that do S to XL.

    Meanwhile, I have an entire drawer I need to toss out. I already got rid of the grannies, but the less hideous, yet too big, ones need to go!

    Thanks for this post. Time for you to get some new undies maybe? I say throw em all out and get a whole new drawer full ;).

  4. Oh my, back in my skinnier days I couldn't walk past a panty display without dropping $50.00. I have already forwarned my husband that when I get back there I will have quite an investment in the panty drawer.

  5. I fear my undie drawer. I just keep wearing the same stretched out sad things. Soon, I will get to it soon.

  6. I am afraid to buy new panties yet but I have been throwing out the old way big ones... so sooner than later I need to buy new ones or go commando which may be breezy but not very santitary... LOL

  7. All this to sort through an underwear drawer? I would've given up.