26 June 2011

Buzzing Around..

Wow.. this week went by incredibly fast.. and so now I am in true countdown mode.
FIVE DAYS TILL SURGERY.. Ok, maybe I am freakin just a little bit.. but no real worries.
The right boob is good to go UP !! Tests came back thumbs up.. (that's a good thing)
I also had to have a dry eye test, and lo and behold.. I have dry eyes.. so drops are in order..

A big hug and SHOUT OUT to Steph J.  who sent me her healing creams ((((hugs)))))... If I get half the results you have I will be one happy camper (although I do not camp).. I really appreciate your being so generous..

Also, on the scale front .. GUESS WHO is in the 150's NOW????  ME... I saw it a day or two ago, but wanted to make sure it is for real and yes... I am now 158.. so, that puts me down about 85 lbs from my all time high.. I am seriously looking at the 100 lb club now..
Here is the strange part of my band experience, I am losing weight much better in my second year than my first.. but if I think about it ... it should not come as a surprise because one thing that has seriously changed is my food choices.. No bread, pasta, wheat based anything.. no ice cream, very little junk food, except chocolate (I REFUSE to give that up).

So yay for me!

And some other good news... I bought a NEW CAR.. and I love it..it's a convertible.. and so fun to drive.

So, I have been reading about every one's intense exercise programs.. and I feel like a slug.
Cozy Coconut is running her ass off, Grace is doing kickboxing and  Cindy lew is spinning, yoga and weight training.. and I am pretty damn good at thumb wresting and using the remote (very sad)..

And Finally, I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to my dear friend and old neighbor Kathy M.   Kathy is the sweetest person I know.. she has kept me in her heart for many many many years.. I think since the early 1980's.. I know you are down the shore (that's a Philly thing by the way)..and I may even take a trek down to WW.. and pop into your store!! Big HUGs to KM.

So I will probably post next on Thursday night.. with a bode farewell to flat saggy boobs.. and rolling out the carpet for my perky new girls (Thelma and Louise).
Have a great Sunday everyone ... cheers


  1. LOVE the new car and love the new you! YAY for 150s!

  2. I love your new car!!! So cute! Congrats on the weight loss and upcoming suergery. Excited for you!

  3. I am so excited for you! I hope your surgery/recovery is as easy as mine was! I love the car too! I am getting the RX350 Lexus...I'm so excited!

  4. So glad that everything was ok with your right boob! 5 days, how exciting, will be done with before you know it.

    I love love love your new car! A fab car for a fab lady!

  5. I'm glad the tests turned out fine....The car is beautiful..and so is your weight loss!

  6. Awesome on the weight loss and remember, don't freak out when you see a gain on the scale after your surgery. They pump you full of fluid and it will all flush out. Glad to hear the creams made it to you ok!!! I am so excited for you!!!

    Totally envious of the new car!

  7. Thanks for your post...you are my mentor and encourager...You also make me laugh out loud...I'm excited for your new adventure...

  8. I'll be thinking about you all week long and if you change your mind about needing a nurse maid...just let me know.

  9. I think I am the snail to your slug, lol. Its a workout for me to walk from the garage into the house these days. Something's gotta give soon... injury or no injury.

    Congrats on the 150s! You rock!!

    The new car looks like tons of driving fun. :)

  10. This is so exciting. Big congrats on the 150's. I'm so glad you test came back ok. The new girls are going to look great on you.

    You are going to be even hotter after surgery riding around in that new car.

    Watch out Philly!!!

  11. What a gorgeous car - I am completely jealous!! And so very happy for YOU!!

    Great job on getting into the 150's!! And I am thrilled to hear your tests came back with good news - thank God for answered prayer!

  12. So many exciting changes!

  13. So glad to hear the positive test results!

    Know that I am sending you lots of good vibes for your surgery...........what a hottie...........and in that car.............LOOK OUT!!!

  14. Anonymous28 June, 2011

    ahh, I have my pre-op on Friday! I'm so excited!! good luck with your surgery, you'll do great!! :)