09 July 2011

It's Like Waiting for the New Year Eve Ball to drop...

OK, I am impatient and antsy and full of anticipation.

So here I am a full 7 days out from surgery, totally braless, but still quite bruised. The markings you see are not scars, they are bruises.. Only my niples and a small line by a little over 2 inches are evident and should fade over time.
A few things to note:  I did opt for silicone implants, placed under the muscle.. It does take a bit more healing time but they say the look, feel and movement is just like a real boob.  also, for women who are still interested in breast feeding they recommned saline over silicone.. I am not planning on any more nursing events so the choice was easy. 
You can also see that the breasts are still quite high and will drop over the next few weeks, filling and fluffing out (as they call it). 
Stephs healing creams for bruising and scars are in the forefront.. and seem to be helping with the bruising..

So here I sit, just like on NEW YEARS EVE... waiting for the ball (OR Girls to drop).. so I can burst out and proclaim HAPPY BOOB YEAR!!!


  1. Wow, the girls are lookin' damn good!

  2. Dang....amazing already!

  3. They look awesome already!

  4. Looks great Barb! My daughter said hers dropped at 2 weeks and the other at 4 or 5 weeks out from surgery.

    What do your real girls think about their hot mama?

  5. Oh, and she had to wear a strap around the top of the breast to push them down and she said it wasn't very comfortable!

  6. I am jealous. I have wanted breast implants since I was about 19. I was unblessed in that area and mine are, well I guess you can say shaped abnormal. I have always been self conscious about them and have always wanted to be able to wear a sexy strapless top or halter and not have problems with wearing the "right bra".
    You look awesome!! For being a week out, seriously...wow!!

  7. Um - is it wrong that I want to motorboat those perky suckers? Shit. Did I really type that?

  8. Holy Canoli! hot hot hot hot!!! You (and they) look amazing!!!

  9. No bra and THAT perky???
    Holy schnike...looking great.

  10. Hot Damn....those girls are huge!! You are looking crazy hot...I so want boobs that sit up without a bra.

    You are doing great.

  11. I agree, no bra and THAT perky??? Looking great!

    I always wanted a Breast Reduction...Walt said if I don't lose enough after I reach my goal weight, then I can get the Breast Reduction done....Isn't it funny how some want larger Breasts, and others smaller???

    I would just like to be able to wear normal tops for my size, and not need larger tops to compensate for the Ta Ta's!! LOL And I am not even THAT large!

    But your Thelma and Louise are looking great!

  12. You are looking great!!!!