27 September 2011

Freaking Out

Ok,  tell me to chill, tell me whatsup with you.. but honestly... I am starting to freak out a bit about the trip.

I have SO MUCH CRAP going on in my life right now... and after seeing Joey's VLOG, I am like yeah what the hell am I GOING TO PACK.

I really have not given this much thought.. and damn I know I can buy anything I need there.. but I am a planner, a control freak, a gotta have it all together type of person.... so flying by the seat of my pants (which will of course be buckeled into a plane seat) is just not me.

I have eaten another chocolate bar this morning.. WTF.. this is how I deal with stress, I shove whatever is near me into my mouth... and then PB it right up.

I know it is going to be an absolute blast, but damn I am so full of anxiety these days it is just not fun.

I truly just want to disconnect from the world Thursday through Sunday... but there is so much on my to do before I leave list it is stressing the daylights out of me...

AND ITS MOSTLY WORK RELATED.... so yeah, I am going to find that spa that will wisk me away when I get to CHICAGO...

hugs.. I just needed to get this off of my Thelma and Louise..


  1. Chill! It's going to be OK - I know how you feel though. I've just told myfself that NOTHING is going to stress me out b/c no matter what, it will be OK. I can buy it, borrow it, or go NAKED! Yippee!!!

  2. I can't wait to see you, it's hard to believe that we have to travel 1000 miles to see each other... when we live like 25 miles apart... LOL. Busy lives... We do need a break!

  3. I am freaking a bit too! Not packed a thing, I've only had passing thoughts about what exactly to pack, and I am so afraid I will leave something that was really important...like my shoes!

  4. I keep telling myself that I'll be in Chicago, for Pete's sake, and there is absolutely nothing that I can't get there if I forget something! Still have mad anxiety over it though too!

  5. Two more sleeps and you'll be on the plane! Can't wait to see you! RELAX.

  6. Have a great, fun weekend, Barb. You deserve it. xoxo

  7. you are sooooooo amazing! so are your boobs! loved meeting you and hanging out on a street corner when we realised at some ungodly hour that you'd grabbed maria's bag instead of yours!