08 September 2011

My Band Peeps are the BEST!!

Can you believe that BOOBS II is just around the corner!!

I am getting so freakin excited about going and meeting all of you.
I have been remiss in posting, but wanted to thank all of my sweet boobs for their comments on the BOOB of the Day feature.. you guys are great.

It has certainly been a life changing year for me on so many different levels.
Never in my wildest dreams, would I ever have envisioned where I would be today.

I know I have said this a million times.. but I truly do continue to LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

and you know what.. it has been good for me on so many levels.
Have I become more selfish.. um.. yes..
Have I come to realize that life has so much to offer.. um yes

Have I grown as a person.. hell yes!!

This past weekend I went boating on the Chesapeake Bay.. it was so much freakin fun, we went to all of these little pull up bars and stopped at one place to have steamed crabs and beer.. and I even went fishing (but did not  catch anything).

Went to the Phils game last night and had a blast.
Have been shopping my petunias of for two upcoming business trips and for BOOBs II.

Going to the Red Sox game next week in Boston
and then to a Red Sox game at Yankee Stadium
I will be heading up to Montreal on Sept. 19 and 20
Work has been keeping me SOO busy, so I have had to fit my FUN in between.

And hold on to your hats girls, K is looking into getting a motorcycle..

And to top it all off... I am going to Key West for Christmas.. yipee
I have already started to hit the sale racks for bathing suits..

So I can honestly say I am in a good place right now (even with the crap storm of stuff going on with my house)... I would have let that stuff stress the hell out of me before.. but NO MORE!!
It is what it is.. and you just need to let it all play out.. because what I have learned (finally) is that stressing gets you no where in life.

I also think that letting stress take over your life is what makes you want to EAT.
Not any more.. if you cant personally change the situation, then let it play out..
That is working for me.. so I am sticking to it.

Be well all of my sweeties.. special hugs to Draz.. she is my fairy god mother!!!



  1. You sound so mentally healthy! Just when I'm really thinking my life sucks and I can't handle one more thing, I think of all the positivity and light you bring to the world after all you've been through and it makes me feel like a shmuck. LOL. I'm so glad you're finding time for FUN. You deserve it.

  2. This is the Happy Barbara we all love and it just thrills me to my toes to hear you this way! hugs to you in a massive way!

  3. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeek is right!!
    I have been trying to make "live for the moment" my mantra.

  4. XXXXOOOOOXXXX. Three weeks from today.

  5. I'm happy you are doing so well Barb! Life is for the living and life is too short....do what makes YOU happy!

    On another note....I made an appointment for a PS consult in October! We will be talking in Chicago my dear, for sure!

  6. Seriously - I learn so much from you - so much you'll never know. You are so in my life for a reason - to remind me to live in the moment. I love you sooo. And a motorcycle?? You are going to be my assless chap leather twin sister! And dammit your boobs are perkier. Shit.

  7. The chesapeake bay... um.. that's my stomping ground!! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself - it's an amazing place to be!! And crabs and beer is the only way to go!!