10 October 2011

8 is a Beautiful Number

First.... HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY FOR US citizens and HAPPY THANKSGIVING for my Canadian friends.. Yippee!!

It's hard to believe that I am even typing this post.
But this weekend I bought a pair of size 8 dress pants.

A freakin size 8 people!!

I will be banded two years on Oct. 29th and I have gone from a size 22 to the edge of a size 8.
I am not saying all size 8's fit me, but this pair of Worthington dress pants fit me nice (and I am going to claim size NSV).

I am so motivated now... to get to the point where I knowingly feel I OWN size 8, it becomes second nature to claim it for pants size.

The reality and disclaimer is that my TOP does NOT match my BOTTOM.  I still need to have Large for tops (for previously disclosed reasons).  But I will take it!

So How about you.. what size are you aiming to OWN as your goal size.. (and yes.. it is only a number, but damn.. it feels good).



  1. I am sure it does and you are such the inspiration my dear! You look marvelous!

  2. Hah, Beth and I were just discussing this. When I started this adventure (pushing a size 24) I was aiming to own a size 14 because that's what I felt would be attainable. Now that I am there, I have readjusted my goals and am heading for a size 10.

    Yeah! Congrats on the 8, that is fantastic Barb :)

  3. Started as a size 20, presently a size 14, dreaming of a size 8-10. Awesome for you!

  4. I never really thought about size... I really would like to weigh less than 250, which means I could fit in chairs, airplane seats, ride horses, and helicopters. My biggest goal is to weigh less than my Hubby, for once in my life. I would have to be less than 190 to do that. If I get to that number, It would be hard not to go for 175 since that would mean I would have lost 300 pounds, and how many people can say that? Congrats on the size 8's... You look amazing!

  5. Congrats on making it and OWNING it Barb! You look so fabulous and ALIVE!!!!!!! Shoot..... if I could fill it in the way you do, I'd take large tops too :)
    I'm currently a 4/6 and just want to get to a solid size so I guess I'm working towards a 4. From bursting out of a 20 a little over a year ago! holy smokes!

  6. Ah - freaking love it! And love you!

  7. Congrats on those 8's! You have earned it!

  8. YAY!!! That is awesome and you SHOULD own it!!

  9. You give me hope...that is the aspiration size I want to reach at the end of my 2nd bandanniversary...Hope you are well dear Barbara!

  10. Hey Lady: where are you at?
    I am going to your facebook to communicate... got something to tell ya.