25 February 2012

and he said, "I like skinny girls"

Isn't that the last thing you want to hear coming out of your significant others mouth.

Immediately I take it as a comment about my weight and the relationship.
Immediately I can feel insecurities creeping upon me

Immediately I feel like this is the comment that is the beggining of the end.

So, in record time I respond back, "well that leaves me out of the group".

And he says, "Why??"
I say, "Cause I am not a skinny girl".

And he says, "yeah, you are".

LMAO... really.. now really...

For the life of me, the last thing I would ever clasify myself as is a skinny girl.

Not now, not ever..

And then I think,  ut oh.. he just realized what he said and he doesn't want to make me feel bad.
So, I press the issue just a bit more..

"So, I know I am not skinny", I reply
"Does that affect how you see me?"

He says, " why do you always see your self as overweight and fat, you are not and I wish you could see that".

Seriously, I don't see my self as anything less than overweight..

When do these self imposed image issues fade with us... why cant I just see me for me and let it BE!!


  1. I think most of us will ALWAYS be fat girls in our heads. To me, you just look little. I have no idea what fat you looks like. You really are a skinny girl, angel. Trust me!

  2. I was watching a you tube vid and one suggestion was photos, take lots of photos of yourself and look at them always, hopefully you then learn what you really look like and can start to believe it.

    It's a hard battle, but I know you will get there :o)

  3. I agree with Gilly, in our head's we'll always be fat girls.
    But you are not a fat girl anymore and you're gorgeous and more importantly you're sweet and kind and just lovely!

  4. It's so hard to see ourselves as others see us...but you are skinny and beautiful and one day you will see yourself as we all see you!!!

  5. It's amazing how our brains work. They are so intensely powerful with both the good stuff and that not so good stuff!!