07 April 2012


Honestly.. I went to write this post today and saw that I had already put something up from yesterday!!!  I DO NOT REMEMBER DOING THAT/

First of all I am very swollen and I am on pain meds to offset the work done.

I had the inside of both eyes lifted.

I had lipo on my neck. the incision is very very small, but he did lipo all around the neck area, so that is where the most of the pain is coming from. I have that lovely neck wrap on too so it makes my face puff out a bit more..

As you recall I mentioned that I would be awake for all three of the procedures.. and I was awake.. but let me tell you I knew people where in the room, but I couldn't tell you if they were on Mars or Earth. thats how out of it I was..

The antibiotics, pain meds and other drugs have made the recovery fairly easy..

I had lots of sculptra injected in my face, hence the very puffy swollen look.

I have had this before and think its a great product.. it stimulates collagen under the skin and it is very long lasting. the swelling will go down in a day or two and it will leave a very natural looking smooth surface (no fine lines or wrinkles).

Now I completely get that this is not for everyone.. and that is perfectly fine, I have always been into the cosmetic stuff, tweaks here and there..

I just want to say one last thing.. I was very greatful to have K with me.. he has taken care of me.. not one person from my family called to see how i was doing.. that about sums it all up.

be well.


  1. Glad you're being well taken care. I'm sure you'll be even more beautiful than before. Love you!

  2. Glad K is there for you. Can't wait to see you in person....I think your eye's already look amazing!
    Take very good care of yourself and drink lot's of water.....


  3. I am so sorry that your family isn't there for you... I hope you're feeling better soon. I am glad you're doing things for yourself... You deserve every happiness.

  4. I'm glad surgery went well. Hope you're feeling better soon! :)

  5. Oh hon...I know that look all to well. Just know we are all here for you! You are super gorgeous already!