08 August 2012


Today would have been Mark's 57th birthday.
This picture is one of my favorites... he was a true Philadelphia sports fan (and Boston fan).
We went to many games together...
It totally breaks my heart to know that I will never celebrate another birthday with him.
Words can not express how much I miss him...I still have not had a day where tears don't flow.

I have come to realize how incredibly lucky I was to have him in my life... Mark's love was truly unconditional.. he was incredibly loved by all that met him.
I visit the grave often, keeping it neat and proper..keeping the flowers fresh and watered.
Some day I will be there with him...
It's funny but I have no fear of death.. I take comfort knowing that we will be together again ...

On a completely different note... GUESS WHO I WILL BE VISITING TOMORROW..

My girl Sandy!!!  I can not wait to give her a big hug and smoocharoonie..
She is the sweetest woman and what a great friend...

I am taking a little break for a while.. but will be back in touch soon.

Have a great week everyone!!!

Be well


  1. Bless you, Beth. Sending hugs from across the pond.

    Have fun with Sandy!

  2. You're one tough Babe...have a great time with Sandy!!!

  3. You are in my thoughts! Love you!

  4. Happy Birthday Mark! I picture him partying with my Dad & Jimmy! Beautiful tribute to your beloved Barb!

    And, kisses to both you and sandy!

  5. How lovely-- he is living on with such beautiful memories. He was here for too short of a time, obviously.
    Onto happier things-- enjoy the visit!

  6. Babe - please squeeze Sandy for me and tell her to squeeze you back for me okay? I love you both.

  7. ((HUGS)) Happy birthday to your love...I can only imagine how much you miss him.

  8. I'm sure you and Sandy had a blast!

    You're in my thoughts!


  9. That is true, true love. You are connected forever. I hope you and Sandy are having a GREAT time! XO!

  10. Hi Barbara! Hope all is well! Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you!