08 March 2013

An Exhausting Week... But Exciting WEEKEND!!

I can only summarize this week as "hell week".
Its been a rough one.
The weather has been crap
My work hours have been long
And I am now waiting for the whistle to blow
so that I can blow off and go home!
SO there, crappy weather, crappy week and no lemons so don't tell me to make lemon aide.

BUT... almost on the upside there is tomorrow.

That is after I get done with my 3 hour dentist appt, where I am having a crown prep, impression and new crown all completed in one visit.  Now that's the way I like to go to the dentist.. get it all done in one visit.. I hate the dentist, but I also don't want to let my teeth start to look like some of these hillbilly shows.. yeah  I told you I am vain, something about having all of your teeth in place just seems to be right in my mind.

BUT then, I get to pick my daughter up for lunch and we are going to  go SHOPPING.... for baby mama clothes (and maybe even an item or two for grand baby mama !!).

When I look back on some of the maternity clothes I wore and I see today's fashions I want to scream of embarrassment of what I wore.. PLAIDS,, LOUD COLORS.. ugh.. where the hell were the preggo fashion police back then (30 years ago).

Yes, you've come a long way BABY MAMA.


  1. The clothes are so different. Coolest stuff ever now. Right now I'm babysitting. Snuggling this little one in my arms while she sleeps. Such a sweet feeling you'll have soon. Whoops, she's stirring.

  2. Yippie. I'm so excited about the baby. You and Sandy are grams now. I love it.

  3. How exciting for you! Enjoy every minute! You deserve it!