04 March 2013

Simply the BEST.....

News I could have ever received was given to me by my daughter and SILon Saturday.
My very first grandchild is on the way.  It's going to be a boy.

And yes,  he is going to be the most incredibly loved and spoiled bundle of joy.

The most special part of this all. .... Is that he is due on Mark's birthday.

In my heart i see this as a request by Mark  and an intervention by God

I am over the moon. And just can't wait to shop for clothes for mommy and baby!!!

Be well


  1. Congratulations Barbara!

  2. Oh Oh Oh! Such sweet news! Happy for you!

  3. Congratulations!!! Just what you all needed!!!


  4. Congrats to you! That is such wonderful news! Now you have to decide what the baby will call you! :):) And for the baby to be due on Mark's birthday, is just divine intervention! So very happy for you!

  5. Barbara.....This gave me goose bumps! I am just so thrilled for you (and for your daughter and your SIL and that new little bundle of joy!). Surely, this is God's and Mark's way of telling you that you are truly deserving of love and laughter and beauty! Embrace it all!
    I love the fact that clothes shopping for grandbaby also means clothes shopping for you! That would be so totally ME too!