22 October 2013

2009... was a very good year...

As I was entering new appts in my calendar, I stopped and thought to myself.. Hey, it's October!

I was banded in October!
Now when was that??
October 29, 2009!
How could I ever forget that life changing day!!

In just 1 week, I will be celebrating (and I do mean celebrating) my 4-year bandiversary.

I plan on posting a "THEN and NOW" comparison shot.

As I look back on the almost 600 posts since that day of decision, I recollect the journey.

And I certainly don't miss the almost 65 pounds I have left behind either.

Have I reached that goal I set out for myself 4 years ago?   NO!

But that hasn't held me back from moving forward.

Life has thrown me quite a few curves my friends.

I am neither physically, mentally, nor emotionally the same person I was back in 2009.

But I don't want to dis that year.. it was a good year!

And what I would give to re-live some of those years..

But move forward I must.

I have one grand baby here and TWO MORE ANY DAY (yes, twin boys are making there way)... SOON!

So, I am going to take the next week to reflect and then on my actual bandiversary day, share what I know for sure about living with the band....

be well

Big hugs



  1. 4 years....amazing! I'm right behind you.

    I'm also going to have my second grandson near the end of Nov. Now twins for you ...that will fill your heart ....and arms ;-)


  2. Oh Barbara! This post touched my heart! Looking forward to seeing your bandiversary posting and hearing about those twin babies!!! How exciting! My niece just had twins (a boy and a girl) and my other niece (her sister) is expecting a little girl any day now. Babies bring such joy and are beautiful reminders of how precious life is. Onward!