30 July 2014

That's What Friends are for....

Finally back to work, and what I realize as my sanity.
Yes, work keeps me sane....go figure.
I don't think I will ever retire,  I need to manage chaos.

But what I do want to share with you is some of the highlights of my recent vacation.

I got to visit my good friend Sandy and her husband, not once, but twice!!! And the bestest surprise was that I got to meet her beautiful g-daughter Jo!
She is an absolute cutie pie and sweetheart.

There wasn't a moment you could be around Jo with out smiling.. and let me tell you about those curls!!!
Sandy is the sweetest person on the world, and the hostest with the mostest... she and Tim went way out of their way and gave us a incredible dinner!!!! YUM.. (and the wine was just as delightful)

The weather was wonderful, much cooler than in the states.

Yes, the BOOBs meeting keeps us laughing ... it certainly has allowed this friendship to grow!!

Love ya Sandy!!!


  1. Awww, so sweet! You two look great, I miss you!

  2. I miss you both also...............Need to get my fix of you two someday!!