01 November 2009

Day 3 - Taking My Lucky Lap Band out Shopping

Well today started off with a call from the Barix center from one of the nurses asking me how I am doing.
Truth be told, I did share that I as far as pain and soreness all was ok.. but I did have one small minor concern.  Other than water, a bit of broth, I have not had any other form of nutrition since Wednesday night, and I knew that was not OK.  First things first, and she asked the pointed question about the BM. ... uh, no, no BM.  She indicated we need to take care of that first, if the bowels aren't moving, nothing else will move forward...  the cure, the dreaded suppository... isn't there anything else I could use I asked?  no, at this point and so close to your sugery, its that or an enema.  ugh! 

Nurse Kathy also gave me some good tips to get the full liquid program moving, the trick is to keep sipping, and consume something every two hours, broth, shakes, pudding, water..It is so important to get those fluids in the body.
Of course, all I can think about is if I don't eat protein my hair is going to fall out (I didn't share this with her) but that was really what was panicking me.

So it was off to THE ACME with my expanded full liquid shopping list in hand.  So sugar free (SF) puddings, and jello, and popsicles, and plain yogurt and other little flavorful treats went in the shopping cart.

But here is my aha moment.  As I shopped for all of my SF products, I noticed that I wasn't alone. Either there are alot of diabetics in my town, or alot of banded people picking over the selections.  Damn.  I am not alone.. or maybe this is the way skinny people eat. They don't load their shopping carts with full fat good tasting treats like Tasty kakes, and ice cream, and chips, and cookies.. no they sip crystal light, and cherish their sugar free fudgsicle.  I felt like I just discovered a rare treasure and secret of the skinny, hereto  known as SOS.  So when I come across any SOS I will divulge and share with you.

So that is about it for now.. must go and take care of things..

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