02 November 2009

So What's Your Port Side?

Interestingly enough, I posed the question as to which side is your port located on LapBandTalk to fellow October Bandsters. 

The responses were all over the abdomen.  Some were right sided, others left, some just below the sternum, while others responded just above the belly button.   Wow, who would think that surgeons would have such variability with where they located the port.

My port is on the right, and the site is still quite a bit sore. When I bend I know it, feel it, and let out an eek of pain if I move the wrong way. Hopefully, this will all fade over time.

So today's good news (for me at least) is that I am eating much better.  I have become quite creative with the protein shakes, adding peanut butter, and pudding, and yogurt.  Quite delicious I must say :).  I have also been doing much better with getting the 64 oz of fluid into me.   I guess a learining curve, but not nearly as suffering as I thought it would be..

I have not paid too much attention to the scale, as I still have my bloated belly, and yes still a bit of gas.  But it is getting better and I am still so happy with my decision to get the band.


  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. My port is located just left of the belly button.
    It takes time for the port area to heal. My surgery was 7 weeks ago and I still have little pain once in a while. I just signed up to your blog and will follow your journey.

  2. Thank you Stardustic.. I have read your blog as well, great read, and you have had wonderful success. Just between you and me, I am waiting to make those scrambled eggs with salsa that you have pictured on your blog.