03 November 2009

When did a Sugar Free Fudgsicle Taste This Good?

Is it me, the band, what's going on here? 

I think my taste buds have had a rebirth. Perhaps it was the pre op diet for 10 days, with no carbs, or really sugar to speak about in my diet.

Post op, there was that mini "I can't eat a thing" fling, and now that I am on these whey powder and protein shake consumption, I decided to "treat" myself to an allowable SF fudgsicle.  Damn that thing tasted good! 

Nowhere in my former "snack life" would I have EVER considered a SF anything to taste good.  [I need to pinch myself].  If it wasn't Haagen Daz it just wasn't good.  So what gives?  IS it possible to re program your taste buds?  Will I never find Reese's peanut butter cups attractive again? 

Is this how those skinny people eat all of the time? Perhaps, or maybe they don't even indulge in a stinkin SF fudgsicle.  Lord, don't let me go off that deep end. 

So to change the subject, port incision still a bit sore, but much more tolerable.  I just can't throw a javelin or do a tri-athaleon at this point.
Be well..

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