05 November 2009


Today is exactly one week since my Realize Gastric Band has been implanted AND I survived the full liquid phase (yeah).  I can now move on to the Pureed Foods Phase.  I was really looking forward to this phase because I bought the NINJA blender, with its four-blade nunchuck action blades.  Yes, it is another gadget, and you know we love our gadgets (Note: However my mother is the QUEEN of kitchen gadgets, she has me, you and anyone else I know beat in this department).

I am starting to feel hunger a bit more, and I pray to GOD I am not entering Bandster Hell just yet.  I keep sipping the water, to keep my FULL feeling goin.

So back to the Puree stage.  Basically my Barix book states that  I can puree a cheeseburger.  YUCK.. I don't even want to think what that would look like in my blender. Other suggestions they offer, pureed grilled cheese, or pureed Mexican food (I thought that was already pureed!!).

The book offers some alternatives, such as low sugar pureed baby foods, cottage cheese, yogurts.. where from an aesthetics view seem a bit more pleasing to the eye.  Still the underlying goal here for me is to get the 52 grams of protein in each day (my motivator again is so that my hair doesn't fall out).

So there you have it  HIP HIP Puree, I am on my way...

PS - I have  now moved from the morbidly obese to just obese category.. watch out Overweight.. here I come..

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