08 November 2009

Eating my Curds and Whey..

 No, I am not Little Miss Muffet.. however, I was  curious to know just what the heck curds and whey are?  And to my surprise, I (and probably you)  have  eaten curds and whey without knowing it.

Curds and whey are actually the lumps and liquid found in cottage cheese.
So, I continue to learn things in my journey and am happy to report that I  have been pureeing my curds and whey  as a good calcium  and protein source.

But I do have a confession... I did have a bite of a spinach feta cheese pizza yesterday.  Don't ask me why, it called my name.  Knowing that I need to be on puree foods, I chewed that bite until it was as pureed as possible in my mouth.  It was good... and I did not feel any ill effects not even any guilt at the point of consumption. 
Unfortunately I always have some form of rationalization going on in my  brain and this is how I  rationalized this temptation. If my diet allows for a pureed cheeseburger, then what the heck is the difference with me pureeing that bite of spinach pizza in my mouth.

I presume the worst part is that I now know these foods will go down, since I have no restriction at this point.  I also  believe I have walked up to the gates of "Bandster Hell", and I need to keep walking by so as to not be tempted again by the pizza devil.

The other realization is that  I need to start to kick in an exercise program.  My knees are feeling so much better and my incisions are healing nicely, the pain in my port area is subsiding.. now would be a good time to start a walking program.

I find great relief in reading the other band blogs, such as Stardustics and Gen's blogs,  as it provides a wonderful reality check (and sanity check) for me.

Be well..

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