09 November 2009

Monday, Monday

Today was my first post op visit with Dr. Boe.   He is such a little cutie.. Everything is proceeding on course.  I told him I was a little worried that I could not find my port, as I reached to the spot to locate it.  He told me "Don't press on your stomach... everything is healing".. I asked him if he knew where it was, because I don't want to become a pin cushion when I go for my first fill.  After patting my abdomen, he said it was in there, not to worry.
Are you talking to me.. worry??  Not in my vocabulary (ha ha).

Then I met with the NUT (nutrionalist).  And guess what!! I have been overeating (say what!!), yes she told me I was consuming too much protein.  (I am in protein shake overload).   My max protein intake should not exceed 52 grams a day.  I was actually taking in twice as much.  The NUT told me that too much protein can cause havoc on the kidneys.  My excuse (I didn't want to go bald).  She said start to cut back on the protein shakes and get my protein in from pureed food.   I understand this, but blender food is not the most appetizing thing to look at on a plate. 

I am going to experiment tonite with some chicken chili (two good sources of protein).

The other part of my NUT lecture had to do with exercise.  Yeah, I haven't been good with that.  So this afternoon, I got my butt off of my chair and out of my office and went for a 30 minute walk.  I did tap into a tcon during my walk (on mute) but that just goes to prove that I can make time for this exercise stuff.

So now I am preparing my mind (and my body) for my Florida vacation.  No, I won't be running around in a thong, but I do plan to spend some great relaxing time at the pool, in a bathing suit that I actually want to wear.  This is now my new focus.. new wardrobe, new me.

I have four weeks till my first fill (hopefull I will survive this and manage my food intake, sticking to 52 grams of protein, and a lower fat intake). Boy I am going to miss those peanut butter and chocolate protein shakes.

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  1. Hey there! Glad your doing great. We are band sisters as I got mine the same day. I go for first fill on Nov 30th and have the same problem. Cant feel port.

    Also one of my surgeons (have two that work together) is the hottest thing ever lol total bummer hes seen my fat self naked lol.