10 November 2009

Discovery Time

Over the next 4 weeks, I will have no restriction in the band working for me.  That means that my diet and food consumption will be solely driven by willpower and self control.  Realizing that all successful diets are based on making good food choices, this 4 week period is often known as "Bandster Hell", because you are expected to follow a very prescriptive nutritional program (protein, sugar, fat grams) with significantly modified food volume (all without the help of the band).  The band helps control the hunger sensation, without the band, you feel the hunger (whether it is real hunger and not just your head playing games is another post).

The point of my post here is that during this 4 week period besides healing, I will have two things to figure out and discover for myself: 1. What triggers my emotional eating and 2 Learning to incorporate exercise into my daily regimen.

The first item (emotional eating) is something that at my ripe old age of 52 is still something that I continually need to focus on, the second item (exercise) is something that I have a love/hate relationship.  When I am disciplined and "in the zone" I find this very rewarding and indicates that I am taking control of my health and well being.  But let's face it, a good work out is not "fun" IT'S A WORKOUT.  You sweat, and pant, and hurt the next day (ITS TORTURE).  But the rewards payoff, when the scale moves, and the pants become baggy.  I know this for sure, because I used to have a personal trainer that I cursed during the workout and then hugged goodbye when he left my house.  (poor Jeremy).

So the next 4 weeks will be my discovery time, learning even more about my myself, what makes me tick, what makes me want to eat and learning to reprogram myself to incorporate exercise and make conscious food choices based on nutritional content.  It's not going to be easy with the holidays coming up, but the payoff will be that I will not gain that holiday 10 lbs.

And so you have it..

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