11 November 2009

That Dang Scale and other odds-n-ends

Sigh.  I feel like I am in rebound mode.  I think the re-introduction of carbs back into my diet has resulted in a slight setback on my weightloss.  (yeah, yeah, I know.. I should be focusing on healing and not loosing weight.. none of us want to buy into this).   And I know that you shouldn't weigh yourself everyday (I do).  This morning I am finally back to where I left off. 

Guiness world record for steri strip adherence - ok, the steri strips they place over my incision is not budging.  I am wondering if the strips are stuck to the glue used to close the incisions.  I am fearful of trying to peel them off, but they are also starting to look like tattered and collecting fuzz.  

Belly swelling- The swelling is finally starting to go down.  This has been an issue because I haven't been able to wear my dress pants, or at least I haven't been fastening my pant closures.  Stood up from my desk with my pants almost unzippered on day (not pretty).  Makes you realize the little joys in life, like pants you  can wear without irritating your incision spots.

Food choices - I really wish I could just drink shakes; no matter what I try to do to enhance pureed food it just doesn't do it.   I bought egg beaters so I think I might try some scrambled eggs tonite. I have two weeks of puree and then two weeks of soft foods (I still don't quite get the difference).

Had my first sort of compliment today; you look different, is your hair longer? Hmm.. no but maybe my face is a bit thinner?

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