12 November 2009

It's my 2-week Bandiversary

Boy those 2 weeks went by fast. 
The foods I am currently eating are not that different than from what I ate pre-band.  I always had the EAS protein drinks for a quick lunch, along with a yogurt, and a reasonable dinner.  The BIG change has been NO JUNK FOOD.  No late evening snacking, NO ICE CREAM :(,,, 

The other change is that I have needed  to add some fiber supplements into my diet (you know- to get things moving).  I imagine until I get my first fill, that my food choices are going to be very weight watchers type.
I am conditioning my self to  eat slower, take small spoonfuls, and to not drink immediately before or after I eat.

Oh, and how can I forget.... the exercise.  I have incorporated a daily brisk walk (now that I can move around without my knees hurting).  So although I have not had any real movement on the scale,  I have started to establish a pattern for  behavior modifications.   As I said in a previous post, I am in a period of discovery.  When I have periods of high stress, I am not grabbing for a bag of carbs to "make it all better".  I haven't been truly tested, but  I have tested some little things (in the past I would have grabbed something just thinking about something stressful).

So 2 weeks down, and the rest of my life to live anew.

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