13 November 2009

Mystery Solved

So, I have been sort of whining about not losing any weight recently (even though I am watching, counting grams, and somewhat exercising)... You would think my scale was a trampoline by the number of times I jump on and off... well mystery solved.

Aunt Flow can to visit, so she will be here for a week and then I should see a good weight loss.  This happens all the time.. I should have realized this .. but these days she comes whenever she feels like it and stays for as long as she wants to..

As far as my diet, I got daring today and made myself an egg white omelet.  Only problem, I need to adjust what I want to eat against what I actually can eat as I probably only ate a third of the omelet.  

So there you have it.. I am going to start to pull out the Christmas decorations and start tomorrow.  I have alot of travel in December, so gotta get going.. every year I tell myself tostart early so I can actually enjoy the holidays.

Be well

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