15 November 2009

Sick of the Mushies, I am moving on..

OK, I just can not eat another pureed anything. I am going to break the rules and move on to solids.  I know there is a reason for staying on mushies, but just can't do it. The sensation of paste in my mouth makes me nauseous.  I am having straight soups, not puree, I am eating the whole noodle in the chicken noodle soup. DO YOU HEAR ME, The whole noodle, and those friggin little carrot cubes in the soup, I am eating those as well. Not pureed, I am eating them in their little cube shape and it is good...

Ok, the weenie in me is still doing shakes in the morning.  I like the shakes, they are very comforting to me. I get enough variety with the different whey powders and a scoop of peanut butter or half banana. 

I also had some tuna salad on a triscuit cracker.  It was also so good.  And I chewed and chewed that cracker like it was my job. My choppers pureed it and I swallowed it and it was soooo good.

So no more mushies for me, all of the above sat just fine in my stomach. 

And the scale budged 1 pound so it is officially 20 lbs (and I still got my friend with me) so I will take that as a victory as well.

Be well.

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