16 November 2009


Ok, today just confirmed what I have known all along.. stress makes me want to eat and today is a doosey.
Nothing like a rotten nights sleep because you DH has bronchitis and refuses to sleep in the other room and coughs all night. Then I get pulled into an 8:00 am call with the Global President for my division at work and am put on the spot to come up with answers to a significant problem.

Then 30 minutes later I find out my two capital projects at work are not going to get their financing approved unless some paperwork being held by someone who is currently on a flight from Scotland to Boston submits it by noon... uh but the plane lands at 2:00 pm.  Response: that's your problem.

But no, the disciplined and banded me, said hmm.. stress, I think I will have a protein shake, when I really wanted to eat a half-gallon of ice cream. This my friends is how I got fat...stress eating and lots of it. So I try to rationalize all of this.. how is a bag of Fritos going to make my problems go away.  It won't.  What a genius I am, I figured this out.. eating does not make the problems go away.. No Sh*t... Hmm. I didn't realize that .. it took me 52 years to figure that out.

So I did the smart thing today, instead of working from home, I got myself dressed, packed my high protein low carb lunch and went to work to lock myself in my office.  No temptations, no access to snacks, I either eat what I have or don't eat at all. 

My God, this is a milestone for me.. and I am going to win this battle, in hopes of winning the war on fat.

Wish me luck1


  1. OMG we had the exact same milestone on the same day! Such a big deal to figure out the stress eating!

    I work at home - I do not have any other office to go to -- and it is a constant battle. But when the going really got tough, in the past, I would ALWAYS convince myself "you deserve to eat, you're stressed!" Talk about self-sabotage.

    I am so proud of you! I know what a big deal this is!

  2. P.S. Bucks County is so nice. We moved to Colorado from Philly, but always thought about moving out to the "Country" like where you are.

  3. Such a small world Gen.. Love what you are doing for your friend with breast cancer and sharing on your blog.. absolutely hearfelt. It is so touching to know that people reach out and care.
    Be well