24 November 2009

Ladies (and Gents) START YOUR TURKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I realize that it is only Tuesday, but to be honest with you I will be out of contact tomorrow.  It's my prep day for the turkey dinner and I am intensely planning the meal in the same manner that NASA prepares to launch the space shuttle.   Everything is prep work and timing.  I need all rocket boosters to ignite at the same time.
This year I am trying something a bit different.  This year I will be brining my turkey.  Although I love Martha Stewart, it is Williams Sonoma  where I take my cues for dazzling my dinner guests.
So here is this year's new recipe for my turkey this time using an  apple and spices brine mix.

I really love entertaining, and I will have to be extra disciplined with this dinner.

And the pies, I love pretty pies.  So I bought the WS piecrust cutter.

I will take a few pics of the pies and turkey so you can see  Anyway, here is wishing everyone a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.  Engage your families, count your blessings and give out extra hugs.
Families are what make the world go round.

Hugs to ALL. 

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  1. Thanks for being a follower on my blog! Love having another Pennsylvania Lapband friend! I too am a Williams Sonoma devotee....my T-giving dinner is yummy thanks to them! I love going to their Sunday morning classes....got some amazing new ideas of side dishes this year. I use their brine...it is amazing. And, I can't say enough about their turkey herbs and their foccaccia stuffing mix and their cranberry relish and their pumpkin pecan butter....absolutely wonderful!!!
    Best wishes for your first Lapbanded T-giving. I promise you...from the bottom of my heart...that you will be forever happy that you took this step in your life. It's the BEST thing I ever, ever, ever did for myself.
    Blessings to you. Can't wait to hear about your dinner. I too will be working hard in the kitchen tomorrow!