25 November 2009

Picture Perfect

Ok guys, I know we are all banded and shouldn't be promoting foods that are on the taboo list.  But I just finished with my pumpkin pies and they turned out just perfect. So I had to take a picture and show you.I think if you click on the picture a larger view will pop up and you and see the detail of the leaves. I feel like Martha Stewart today.. I got the turkey brine going, cranberry relish made, yams done. The strange part is being around the food is not bothering me.. thank goodness..

Also I wanted  to thank Kim for the beautiful roses she sent us for Thanksgiving. 
God Bless Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving..
Be Well....


  1. those pies look amazing! what a chef.

    thanks for checking out my blog. i am now following you as well.

  2. Thanks Nicole.. I figure if they are pretty I will just want to look at them and not eat them.. but eventually someone will ask for a slice.

  3. Great job. I am NOT a baker and admire anyone who can create something so amazing! PS - I don't like pumpkin pie, but they are beautiful.

  4. Hey, regarding talking about food on your blog-- the great thing about the band is the lack of traditional rules-- I personally didn't want to focus any energy on food on my blog, but I am also not even banded yet.
    We need to each travel the journey in our own way.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!