27 November 2009

The Day After

Here's hoping that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  
We had a smaller get together than usual, but still it was nice to have family come together and share this wonderful meal.
Well, this morning I jumped on the scale to see what damage was done and I was down a pound making the grand total 23 (go figure!!)
Some personal notes about the day yesterday:
  • Unlike other years, my legs felt great (usually in agony by the end of the day because I am on my feet from dawn to dusk)
  • I have no restriction but was able to navigate the meal and my food selection was just fine.
  • I did partake in the wine (c'mon we had some great Zins and Cabernets)
  • Am I the only  one who can eat turkey and still be awake at 1:00 am?
 We had some pretty good laughs as we usually do.. oh and my dad always brings along a photo or two from the past.. Here's a pix of me (far right with the big grin eating cookies).
Let's just say at 3 years old,  I was a chubby cherub.

So I know today is Black Friday (in fact some stores opened at 10 pm last evening)... I call it recovery day.. so I do not partake in the shopping madness.  The only real bargain I saw was a laptop at Best Buy for $197, but they probably only had 2 or 3.. you know, enough to cause a frenzy..  I love to browse the internet anyway.. and most sites offer the free shipping now.
So hugs to all.. stay warm..
it's getting colder here in the east with a chance of flurries today. I am going to finish my Christmas decorating.. and maybe share a few pix of the tree.. Be well.


  1. Hi Barbara, I just noticed that you started following my blog & wanted to say hi & to let you know that I am now following yours too! Your Pumpkin Pies looked fabulous by the way!

    No, you are not the only one to be able to eat Turkey & still be up late! I couldn't get to sleep until 3 am! I thought it was just me!

  2. Hi Barbara, again! I was checking out who you follow & it looks like we follow a lot of the same blogs! One of the ones I follow (& is one of my favorites (in fact, hers is the first blog I began reading & made me decide to blog)), is Amy from "Once Upon A Time...In The Land Of Cheese And Sunkist".

    She is hilarious & very supportive! She has lost over 100 lbs in 10 months!! You might want to check her out too!! Just a thought. Have a great day!

  3. Love that picture of you!

    I am looking forward to less ache in my legs and feet -- thanks for posting that! I can barely walk today because of the pain. One more reason to get banded after the first of the year.

  4. Hi guys. Thanks for checking in.. Debi I will be sure to check out the "Once upon a time blog".. I love everyone's perspective and often find myself saying Hmm.. I think that TOO!!.

    Distracted.. What a difference 20 lbs has made in relieving the pain in my knees and legs.. honestly it was the main reason I choose WLS.. I just could not move without the pain.. Good Luck to you, please keep me updated on your progress..be well