29 November 2009

Thanks... I needed that

This morning I had a hair appointment (yes, it is Sunday, but it was the only time open with my hair guy, Joey).
You have to realize Joey is incredibly popular and you need to book way in advance.  In fact, Joey is a bit of a celebrity around town (see video clip). You won't believe how he came about his celebrity status.
The Deer and Joey

Now everyone that works in this salon is very fashion forward, thin (but I think that's because everyone is dressed in black) and very much into healthy everything, hair, skin, nails, healthy drinks...blah blah blah.

So ...  I only see Joey maybe every 6 weeks or so.. which means the last time I saw him was just before the pre op diet.
When I walked into the salon this morning.. he said "You look great, how do you feel".
Of course this made me feel really good. 

As I sat in the chair "processing" (yeah that's what they call it when the color is attacking the damn gray), I looked in the mirror and thought " damn girl, you are looking good" even if the lighting was great.

I left the salon feeling a bit younger (less gray, and bit closer to fashion chic).


  1. That's great! Sounds like Joey knows just what to say when someone loses some weight!!

  2. Isn't it great when someone notices your weight loss? What a great NSV!