30 November 2009

Secrets of Servers

This posting is not band related but found this pretty interesting none the less.

On the Today Show, they had an insider spill the beans on what your restaurant waiter isn't telling you.

  • Lemons are never washed and everyone in the kitchen touches them, so don't touch or eat the lemons (lotsa germs).
  • If you are having an argument with your spouse, you might get more attention and better service. Servers tend to hang around the table with the best (most interesting conversation).. hmm isn't that considered gossip hounding.

  • If you get chatting with a server, they may have a line about a sickly relative or  tough luck (trying to drum up the tip).. I haven't come across this, cause my philosophy has been "everyone has a mountain to climb in life"

  • Oh and those  advertised homemade cakes, and soups and coffee.. not so.. most of them come from costco and have the industrializing toned down in the kitchen..

  • And the drink the servers most dislike to serve.. hot tea.. it just isn't as organized in the kitchen area as coffee, and lord knows don't ask for lemon with it!!!

So, here is what i got from the piece on the news.. start off with a strong verbal disagreement with your husband and don't order hot tea. And don't order lemon anything..

I think I will cancel my dinner reservations and make a protein shake.. Have a good day.

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