02 December 2009

Away I go

          So a bit of catch up.. I am now on the west coast.  Because of all of the rain on Monday my trip out west was twice as long as it should have taken, as we were re-routed to St. Louis, then to Vegas and finnaly to Reno.  To say the least , I  had a bit of a panic set in because I was definitely was not prepared to handle my food during travel.  Yes I had protein bars, and I brought some protein packets to mix in water, but it was not enough to hold me over and by the time I arrived at my final destination, I was tired, cranky and hungry.

So on Tuesday, the second part of my dilema was compounded by the fact that despite the fact that I am working on the west coast,  I still have to keep up with the east coast hours (and teleconferences) and then just as the day winds down I pick up on Shanghai calls and schedules.  So the trip for me, is the day that never ends.  It's 1:00 am (wednesday) and I am still catching up on Tuesday's work.  This is the stuff that stresses me out.. not enough hours to get everything done , and I am non stop tied to my computer.  No real opportunity to break away and get some exercise in to burn calories. 

And as far as weight loss goes, I have no idea. how I am doing. There is no scale in the hotel . I am constipated so that doesn;t help. And I am trying to take some genter fiber supplements,  to get some action but not so much that I need to scope out the quickest and least conspicous route to the ladies room.  My food choices for today included 1 cup of coffee, 3 bottles of water two protein shakes, and the turkey and cheese off of a sandwhich (no bread), I also snacked on three protein meal bars (which I ate not because I was hungry but because I can feel the stree creeping in on me). ARGGGHHH..
Why can't I deal with stress better.  This is what I need to learn to better master in my life.  Stress will never go away, so I need to come up with some ways to keep it in check and not consume me.

I have a full day wednesday and need to work on a presentation on the flight home on Thursday for a meeting on Friday. 

I know this is a boring post, but its all I can think of right now.. and I am partially delaying having to write an email to my boss that is not going to go over well..

Ok, so I need to pat myself on the back and re assure my self that I am winning this battle, as I am  not eating a bag of candy bars; I am not pigging out on some cookies that are available at the front desk, or ordering room service with a midnight snack.. no I am going to take great pride in this win in this moment over, get some sleep and prepare for the next day.  

Good Night.. Sleep tight..                                                    

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