03 December 2009

The Airplane Seat ...

I took Southwest Airline (round trip) during my recent business trip.  From what I understand, Southwest jets are all 737's .  It is your typical 3 seats on either side of the aisle design.
So outbound I was in the lucky middle seat and coming back I was in the window seat.
Obviously the middle seat is the seat from hell, no matter which airline you choose to fly it is always a last choice on your seat selection list.
For the record, I despise the middle seat. It is one reason that I shy away from Southwest because I like to know exactly where my seat is going to be located.  I also am not a fan of the 24 hr mad rush check-in,  so that you don't get stuck in the dreaded B group for boarding (this means you are basically buzzing around trying desperately to find an open window or aisle seat or looking for two skinny people on either side of a middle seat). Nothing is worse during flying than having 3 LARGE people seated in the same row.  I don't mean to be cruel, but I have seen 3 very large men crammed like sardines into their seats, sitting like stiffs and looking as if they have their arms pulled in across their chest in a tight jacket mode.

So as you can tell I am sensitive to  being in a position where I have only the middle seat available.

But as I mentioned earlier in my post, my outbound seat was indeed the middle seat, and I was conscientious to not spill over in my seat.
My luck changed during my return trip because I did have a window seat and it did seem to me that window and aisle seats do seem to be a bit roomier, meaning  you have better control and squeeze space to ensure that no fat is hanging over that blessed pull down arm rest.

Well lets just say it seemed like my seat choice was going to be better, that was until this guy came strolling down the aisle and loudly stated, "I guess I have to settle for a middle seat, well I am not going to sit in one between two fat people".
DING! that caught my attention.as I was reading my book. I raised my eyes and somehow and perhaps accidentally my middle finger repositioned itself on the outside cover of the book..  I don't know whether he saw it or not, but that was how I felt about his comment.  Perhaps he said it out loud in hopes that he was conveying what people really are thinking, and perhaps I was communicating what fat people are really thinking when they hear those comments.
Anyway, it turns out that I did not have anyone sitting in the middle seat during the 5-6 hour return flight. But honestly there would have been plenty of room, even for someone with a bit meat on them.

So I get to go through this all over again in two weeks.  I think I will continue to monitor how roomy the seat becomes as my weight goes down..   It kills me to see the skinny people pull both legs up on the seat and tuck them under their butt (Oh, these seats are so roomy I could have brought a steamer trunk aboard and still had plenty of room in my seat).  Good for you , you want some honey roasted peanuts to fatten that skinny ass of yours!!..   Ok, this is turning nasty.. I probably should say good nite..


  1. Wow! What a nightmare trip. I really feel for you. As for sitting in the middle seat, I never liked sitting there, even when I wasn't way over weight. As for the "gentleman", I REALLY hope that he DID see your finger! He deserved it, the creep! I hope your next trip isn't as eventful!

  2. that just sucks. i fly a lot for work too. my next trip is leisure next week and while it is on southwest, luckily, i have my small daughter with me to avoid situations like you were in.

    i am more curious if i am going to have to use a seatbelt extender or not this trip.

    stay positive. in a year this will be all behind you!

  3. I always hated feeling like I was spilling over into someone else's seats--one of those moments that only someone who is heavy can understand. But just keep thinking about the future--one day you will be the skinny minnie with room to spare! I can't wait for the day too. :)