04 December 2009

Fill'er UP

Well, on Monday I get my first fill at 9:00 am; and I can not wait.
I need it, and I need it NOW!

The only thing stopping me from inhaling food is my will power, which at times waivers, depending on the stress of the day.  I am trying so hard to deflect stress, it's not easy at times.
 So I  look forward to this much talked about restriction, and the side effect of a waning appetite. I will give a very detailed report on this experience on Monday.

Now for the discussion about the scale.  I was so disappointed to see that the number did not budge. I did not weigh myself for four days (until I returned home) and I expected to see a 2-3 pound loss, and there was nothing, nada, zero, zip. sigh!!!  But, I also have not broken a sweat exercising, pretty hard to do  when you spend 12 hours traveling two out of four days this week. I know, this is an excuse... I need to figure this out, plenty of people exercise while traveling.

I am very close to moving into onederland, just a few pounds away.. this should be my motivation for exercise.  I wish I had the exercise bug in me, but it is something that I still have to force my self to do.

Tonight I am going out to something called "Midnight Madness" in our cozy town, a Christmas shopping event, where as the hour proceeds, items in the little boutique shops along main street take on greater and greater percentage discounts... I guess if you can stay up all night, you've got a good chance to get a good deal.

The other bit of "FUN": news is we are scheduled to get a snow storm this weekend. Yuck.  Not a fan of snow. By the way in the Philly area a snow storm = 1-3"s.  Everyone runs out to "The Acme" to buy bread and milk, and to get a movie, because you know we might not have enough food to last a day.  Yeah, that's why Philly is the city of the fat and happy.

Oh well.. stay warm, stay happy, no matter where you live..


  1. Thanks for the words of encouragement on my blog! :) Nice to share experience/learn from others who have been through this. :)

  2. Hope you made it to the Acme in time! This made me laugh. I was remembering the one huge snowstorm in Philly that really did shut everything down - must have been around 1993-1995? We lived downtown and it was so cool to have NO cars in the streets.

    Enjoy the snow!