06 December 2009

Oh No, First Snow

Well, winter has come early in Philly, as we got our first snow.

 Snow scene from backyard with bird feeders full
[you can click on photo for better view]

It was a pretty chilly day in Philly and instead of hitting the trails at the local park I opted for a day of shopping.  So this morning I slipped into my size 18 gap jeans and headed out.  I also had a 30% off coupon for GAP, so I thought I might as well swing by and see what's on sale... only to find out that GAP does not carry any size 18's, or 16's in the store,  they might have one or two huge size 14's; because everything else on the rack was either a  4, 2, or 0's.. and mostly size 0's... ok, that size zero stuff  is just sick.. 

I am all for my butt slimming down, but what is it with the rack overflowing with the  size zero's..  Here I was again, walking around a store of skinny stick people, some who looked like they  hadn't had a good meal in days, or could swim in their size zero jeans.. ughh..

So what did I do after picking a few things up for my girls??? I  went home and ate some candied popcorn. Yeah that will fix those people who wear size zero; you can't eat caramel popcorn any time you want to because you have to worry about your size 0 getting too tight.    

Ok, I am being petty.. I admit.. but honestly, it does bug me when stores discriminate against the plump sizes like this.. 

Well, I am also guessing that my pettiness is being enhanced by  a tad bit of anxiety that I am experiencing with the anticipation of my first fill (scheduled for tomorrow.) 
Main thoughts racing through my mind:
My doc will only give me 1 or 2 cc's (which will have no impact)
They will miss my port and shoot the saline into an organ and I will scream in pain
They puncture a whole in the tubing and I will need another operation
The nutritionist is going to nag me because I have not been keeping a food log
I will throw up right after the whole event.

But in the end, I really do want to get the show on the road, and start getting some restriction with the band. I will update my experience tomorrow.. in the meantime, I hope the snow melts away..


  1. You have a beautiful yard, love the snow pic!

  2. Good luck with your first fill. Mine is coming on the 28th, & I can't wait either! Love your snow! What I can't believe is that we are supposed to get snow by the morning as well!

    The last time we had snow here in our area of California was the Winter of 1990!! If we actually get it, I will post pics of it. :) And people here REALLY don't know how to drive in it! We are expecting the roads & traffic to come to a stand still.

    I told my DH he should drive the 4x4 tomorrow instead of his motorcycle.