07 December 2009

Philly Girl gets Philled

What a great day it is.. I awoke very anxious as it was my first fill and since my DH had the day off, I decided he should come along to see how important and exciting it was for me AND to take some pics..

First things first..  Doc had me laugh and cough so he could find the port in my belly.  Then I got a shot of lidocaine to numb the general port area location

Doc Boe then paints some betadine over my belly..

Then he very carefully injects the saline

All the while, he has me drink a cup of water until I feel something different.. I don't know what I was supposed to feel, but I drank the whole cup of water.

So I am now packing 6cc's of saline in this band of mine. 

That's right.. Doc. Boe filled me up good and tight and I have to say I have ZERO appetite.. I am forcing myself to drink some isopure right now..

My DH did great with the photography, and I was glad he came along.. I think he truly realizes how important this is to me.. :)   I go back in 4 weeks for my next fill... so the Philly girl is now Philled!!!


  1. Awesome! You will do so well with 6 ccs. That is an adventurous amount for a first Phill!

    Your tummy is looking small to begin with, soon it will be time to put on the bikini and go Down the Shore!

  2. Wow, 6 cc's in the first fill!! My Doctor says they usually fill 3-4 cc's in the first fill. We thought that was good. My first fill is in 3 wks, & I can't wait! Let us know how your doing with food intake, etc.

  3. thanks for posting this! tomorrow is my first fill and i can.not.wait.

    enjoy the restriction!