11 December 2009

The hip bone is connected to the thigh bone

Ok, new discovery for me.. I have rib, hip and thigh bones.. yes, they are finally becoming apparent and palpable. It was a bit strange at first to actual put my hand on my hip and feel of all things, my hip bone.  Where is my soft cushy padding going?

I am also going through a bit of  a "no jeans are fitting" drama.. I have cruised past the 20, 18's, and am now in the size 16 arena.  I am not complaining, but I have found that as you loose your butt, the inseam of your pants get longer, so the end result is that  I have been sweeping the floor with the hem of my pants.  I am not a fan of stiletto heels so I have a choice of hiking the pants up, or modifying the hem.  For those of you who know me, I don't sew, I don't iron, so there is a snowball's chance in hell that I will be hemming pants.  Such tough things to come to realize..

On the weight loss end of things, I am doing quite well, and have gone down another two pounds.  I will very soon be saying bye bye to the 2's...
My first fill is suiting me fine, but I will say I do not feel extreme restriction, just no real sense of appetite.  In fact I tried to tempt myself with some nice brie and crackers, and eh.. after one or two, I lost interest. 
Pre-band, a lack of appetite, would have left me wondering  if  I had some chronic disease setting in that was affecting my desire to eat.  Even now, my little stressful events at work are not resulting in me raging through the pantry to find something, anything that would pacify my stress. 
Believe me I am not complaining, I am just totally amazed at how easy this weight is coming off... why or why did I not do this sooner...oh well.. no regrets. just move on...


  1. Glad to hear you are shrinking out of your jeans. I have had the same problem but mine get so baggy in the butt it looks gross. I found Lee Slender Secret jeans in a 16 at Kohls and JCPenny and they look great on! Just a little stretch and in dark denim...just an idea! Congrats on your great progress!

  2. Great Idea Southern Belle.. I will DEFINITELY check that out.. I don't mind other clothes hanging a bit as I transition.. but baggy jeans just feel wierd..

  3. What a neat feeling that must be...just not so interested in food...thanks for your comment, it is surprisingly helpful having you all follow me...I don't know why this pre-op thing is sooooo hard for me, I didn't anticipate it. Anyway, enjoy some new looks!